MOBILEBRIDGE MOMENTUM Revolutionising Marketing and Loyalty

Marketing is the study and management of exchange relationships.Marketing is used to create,keep and satisfy the customer.With the customer as the focus of its activities,it can be concluded that Marketing is one of the premier components of Business Management the other being Innovation.Marketing is defined the activity,set of institutions and processes for creating, communicating,delivering, and […]

TOPLANCER – Helps you find jobs online

What is TopLancer? Toplancer is a blockchain-based system based on Ethereal, which was developed with the explicit intention of getting all 1.5 trillion dollars as an independent economy. We help you find freelance jobs online, and we give you the latest blockchain technology to manage and deliver freelance projects. Our vision is to help freelancers […]

Hush ICO

A French crypto-bank project including: A classic euro bank account (with an IBAN); A mastercard world payment card; Project accounts (shared by several); A crypto wallet (BTC, ETH, DASH and USH for now); The ability to change easily and quickly euros-crypto All this for 110 € / year (or 55 € in USH) and therefore […]

SKYHOPECOIN – For Next Payment Freelancer

Hello everyone, this time I will explain the coin / token I was looking for as a freelancer and probably as a friend of other freelancers. Friends – Let’s discuss the first twenty friends of freelancers in front of it. Freelancer is a self-employed person who provides services to multiple clients at once, often to […]

LINA.REVIEW A Professional and Business Ecosystem

LINA.REVIEW A Professional and Business Ecosystem Around the World The Lina Platform aims to create a social review platform built on trust and reputation with revolutionary blockchain technology and enables users and professionals to benefit by the quality of their reviews. Implemented on Blockchain technology, will address issues related to transparency and inability of […]

With Bridge Protocol, a Secure Identity Protocol

With Bridge Protocol, a Secure Identity Protocol, you will now know your customers better Digital currencies, which have seen an incredible upward trend in recent years, are increasingly affecting the world economy. Consumers’ spending habits, methods of buying and new developments in digital currencies make them indispensable in the coming days. With these developments, new […]

YourBlock Advanced Data Storage in the Digital Age

YourBlock Advanced Data Storage in the Digital Age Blockchain brings us almost everything now. We are both grateful for the same. The most important thing we get is Internet Value. Internet world value is definitely one of the most prominent and emerging platforms that aims to lift a new world that will facilitate data transactions […]

Learn about the new ico project: Tokenlend

Learn about the new ico project: Tokenlend INTRODUCTION 1. What is a TOKENLEND? First it guarantees a loan for all of us, which will give people the ability to invest in real estate secured loans in different currencies and currencies. Our platform will eliminate the uncertainty that small investors face by helping them build a […]


DENARO – CRYPTOCURRENCY WALLET Cryptocurrency bags store public and private keys that can be used to receive or spend encryption.  The portfolio may contain many public and private key pairs. In January 2018, there were over one thousand three hundred cryptographers;  The first and best known is bitcoin.  The cryptocurrency itself is not in the wallet.  In the case of […]

Blockchain Based Project for Medichain ICO Medical Data

Blockchain Based Project for Medichain ICO Medical Data The medical records for the world-wide patients were promptly recorded on paper pieces. These notes are very difficult for doctors and health personnel to understand. This tradition continued for centuries as a cliché of the medical profession. Records of the disease; it is very important to keep […]