Datareum – Large companies like Google and Yandex can synchronize information from multiple sources

Users pay for online data for free internet and free services. Datareum- large companies like Google and Yandex synchronize information from multiple sources to better determine user preferences. They collect information about the users that they can analyze and sell for their ads. Our data is an economic asset created by our underlying identity (age, location, gender), […]


What is Invoicing Financing? Invoice financing describes the purchase invoice process from the seller. Traditionally, financiers agree to advance money to the seller against each invoice. Buyers who buy seller products should then pay direct invoices to the financiers.   How does Invox Finance platform solve the problem? The Invox Finance platform is a transparent […]

MOSSLAND – Mobile Based AR Game Location

What Is Mossland? Mossland is a location-based and real estate based Augmented Reality (AR) gsme mobile. Users can identify the real property around it, acquire and trade it in-game. Virtual property in the game can be traded and liquefied through the exchange of cryptocurrency, so users will spend time and effort to increase the value of their […]

DOCTailor- smart legal platform contract

  What is the project like? DocTailor is a unique self-customizing smart legal platform contract that allows lawyers, individuals and organizations to send and create legal individual smart contracts and agreements on blockchain without the developer’s experience. This report is created for lawyers, organizations and individuals, discussing the long-term viability of individually configured smart legal […]

ICO OVERVIEW AirPod Sleeping Pod

AirPod Sleeping Pod is a private “capsule style” unit intended for installation in public places: airports, hotels, railway and bus stations, shopping centers and offices. This is the perfect solution for people who are looking for a place to relax, sleep, work or play in solitude, but still in a public place. AirPod offers the opportunity […]

Latest Energy Decentralization With BittWatt!

What is Bittwatt? Bittwatt is a platform that brings together all market participants and provides standard protocols for the exchange of relevant business information, while creating a decentralized service for energy supply, compilation and account balancing. The Bittwatt platform was built to remove useless bureaucracies, synchronizing consumption figures. Bittwatt simplifies current operations, eliminating operating costs and […]

GYM Rewards – Paid To Exercise, Mining With Your Body

Many people do not have the time or motivation to go to GYM. People try alternatives to finding motivation, join a good gym, go to the gym with friends, track your progress, and reward yourself. When we managed to drag ourselves into the gym at night, we usually felt tired working, and more often than not, […]

ICO European Crypto Bank Review

About the European Crypto Bank (ECB) The European Crypto Bank commonly abbreviated as ECB is a private bank controlled by blockchain who wants to build the first banking ecosystem that can facilitate the trading of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin. The Bank has established a common market in which traders can trade FIAT and crypto and facilitate tax […]

iShook – Electronic Books with All Social Media in One Place

iShook is an electronic book that will be the place where all social media (facebook, Twitter, yahoo, instagram, etc.) become one. iShook is a decentralized platform with Blockchain technology. Blockhain technology itself has become a popular commodity in the world economy, because of its ability is able to remove an imbalance between hosting with content providers. Blockhain is […]

Froshfeel-Revolutionizing the Social Environment and Education

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more – social media networks have become an integral part of many lives. Be like this maybe, there is one less important element of all these sites namely educational interaction. Tertiary education is frightening to most school graduates; It is a life-changing decision. It is time to decide which way they want to choose, […]