Here’s Why Your Business Should Be on Social Media

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Social media reigns supreme in modern-day communications. This means that your business needs to have some kind of social media presence if you insist on getting an edge over your competition. You’ve likely observed this yourself in your online browsing: companies advertising their products or services to you on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. The reason so many businesses do this is because it works! Social media marketing is surprisingly effective – as well as inexpensive.

In this article, we’ll explain three major benefits of getting your business engaged with the online community through social media.

You Increase Your Brand Recognition

If you apply a consistent type of branding to your business in all areas, including your website and social media, this reinforces your presence in the consumer’s mind. All you need is for people to interact with your content. It could start with a single share or comment and blow up from there, if your audience is wide enough! You also get more opportunities to engage directly with consumers, which invokes confidence in your brand – especially if you scale up your customer service.

Social Media Could Be the Gateway to Your Website

When you post on behalf of your business on social media, you have every opportunity to link directly to your website. This is a cost-effective (essentially free) and organic way to get more inbound website traffic. Expanding your presence to social media casts a wider net of potential leads, as you don’t have to count on only your usual customers taking notice. Considering the melting pot of personalities social media platforms are, you could bring in customers that you might not have ever known to market to in the first place!

Humanization of Your Brand Increases Confidence

When a company’s social media page is responsive to the words of both customers and critics, this bolsters the business’ perceived humanity. When you have someone in charge of directly messaging, commenting and interacting with customers, including handling their complaints, this shows an active initiative to truly engage with and help your customers.

Social media isn’t going away any time soon, so why not get in on this highly popular communications platform? It doesn’t cost a cent to set up an account and get to typing! Taking this simple step to engage with your customer base and bolster your image in your community can lead to tremendous results.