4th Pillar Blockchain-Based Human Resources Platform


Modern technologies of blocking made it possible to go beyond the limitations that the HR business has been facing for the last 70 years.
Providing a unique idea, the 4th Pillar platform is capable of shaking the global HR industry worth 450 billion dollars. This will reduce high cross-border payments by excluding intermediaries, ensure the equitable distribution of work-related documents, and create a digital database of professional identification of employees, ensuring financial security with decentralized savings.

The 4th Pillar is an association of public and private equity funds linked to each other by the funding of organizations based on the Ethereum block chain. The platform will use a smart contract wallet and IPFS protocol to solve the daily problems of companies, as well as their employers. 4th Pillar is a place where people can not worry about their professional identity, their savings and the pension fund.

Road map

Q2 2017
/ 4THC / – Creation of the 4th Pillar
Q3 concept 2017
Legal, tax and legislative operations
Q4 2017
/ 4THB / – Preparation of ICO & BETA
/ 4THB / Demonstration of the 4th Pillar beta (user wallets, multiple distribution of tokens, 4th Pillar brand)
Q1 2018
/ 4THB / – Platform beta version of the platform Laravel DAPP platform, Chrome ADD-on & Smart contracts
Krausejla in April 2018. Public sale
Q3 2018
/ 4THP1 / 4th 4th Pillar platform testing and P2P document distribution, as well as development (integration of the IPFS hyperlink protocol)
Q4 2018
/ 4THP2 / Launch of B-to-B sales, launch of the P2P IPFS
Q1 2019
/ 4THP2 document distribution module / Launch of the mobile wallet application for Android
Q2 2019
/ 4THP2 / Financial audit of the organization 4th Pillar 2018
Q3 2019
/ 4THP2 / Launch of the mobile wallet application for IOS
Q1 2020
/ 4THP3 / SYNCHRO (development of the database synchronization module)
Q3 2020
/ Launch 4THP3 / SYNCHRO
Q3 2021
/ 4THP4 / The output of a fully functional platform with global integration

Token Features

The platform will use Ethereum on the basis of blocking and token-teleportation (TTS) with a combination of scalable cloud servers 4th Pillar and Token Token FOUR. The TTS interface provides Ethereum accounts that allow the transfer of ERC20 tokens without paying for the Ethereum network transaction fee in ETH. Instead, the account pays the commission for the transfer in the FOUR token.
To use 4th Pillar and access to the database, you need FOUR tokens. Thus, the platform will be able to directly sell FOUR organizations in euros on the basis of the daily market price, which eliminates the complex process of exchanging from fiat money to the crypto currency.

ICO Details

Crowdsdale will begin in April 2018. In this phase, the minimum amount of the contribution is absent.
Purpose: to collect the necessary funds for the launch of 4th Pillar in the European market.
Token name: FOUR
Token type: Ethereum using the ERC standard 20
Total number of tokens: 400,000,000
Number of tokens for sale: 152,000,000
Soft cap: 2,000,000 EUR
Hard cap: 12 000 000 EUR
1 FOUR = 0.10 €
Accepted currency: ETH


The innovative 4th Pillar platform will allow people to set up a verified identity of history, a personal decentralized savings crypto fund, while organizations can send several cross-border payments related to the work of documentation, and also involve collaborating on the basis of verified data.

WEBSITE https://www.the4thpillar.io 
WHITEPAPER http://the4thpillar.io/documents/whitepaper.pdf

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