In today’s sophisticated era, many people are more profitable in investing, investing is distributing money or other sources, in the real estate sector by the service industry, in factories for production, product development and research and development.

On this occasion I will explain about the platform Aeternum. Aeternum is the only ICO Mobilization Platform based on Intellectual Knowledge and Intellectual Property. About Aeternum is to create a platform where every individual will rely on intellectual property rights scientists around the world We have been working with some of today’s inventions and we believe we created blockchain. The new blockchain-based platform is created as a place of investment Developing the world of Science, they offer a fund management system to investors for crypto not only that Aeternum is inventory, innovation, and discovery of the forefront of the Science world in the future that might change the world.


AETERNUM a new blockchain-based platform created as a place of investment Developing the world of Science, they offer fund management systems to investors for cryptourrency not only that Aeternum involves inventors, innovations and discoveries in the world of science that can change the world. Their ALF as an ALF token as a sales tool will be used as a currency payment for BitLats, with its conservative structure and approach, Aeternum makes transactions and investments with a balanced vision.

Today many new new digital currencies with different functions and needs, but most of the created criptocurrency is not supported by assets in the real world, it is often harmful to the general public, there are also projects active in the world of science that have assets in the real world, but they are hampered by space and means to develop their ideas.

Solution of the Aeternum

Value proposition for Aeternum token holders

  1. Aeternum Exchange Platform The easy-to-use crypto exchange combines social commerce with decentralized architecture to help people safely redeem crypto assets.
  2. BitLats The crypto currency is supported by the startup of their work science and intellectual property resulting in a steady or balanced increase in demand.
  3. Aeterum Fund Investing in this project is open to everyone who owns the Aeternum Token. Investments will be made exclusively through BitLats.
  4. Aeternum Finance App Financial applications and use BitLats as the core exchange mechanism within the smart city.
  5. Smart City Create a physical ecosystem for the development of these projects. The exchange of service items within Smart City will be done with BitLats.

Use of Aeterum Token

Accept ROI

50% of the profits received by the Aeternum Fund will be used to extract the new Crypto Currency (BitLats), which in turn will be sent by a dropper to ALF Holders


in ALF Exchange will be sold on the exchange, so you will always have the opportunity to sell the ALF token.

Use ALF to participate in Smart City

Token Aeternum owner will be able to access the opportunities created by Smart City and / or purchase goods or services made by Smart City Members

Why invest in aeternum?

The first platform offering investment services that contribute to the development of the world of science, since we know that there are no other platforms besides Eternum that offer similar services, Eathernum is also covered by all financial applications ALL IN ONE, using Criptocurrency as a tool for investment and exchange, as many other platforms have we meet

Funding Objectives of the Aeternum Fund

  • 10% development of the environment
  • 20% of non-technical labor resources
  • 30% for the Deep Science project
  • 40% smart city

Market-ready Science Projects in our Fund


Eventech is a “spin-off” from the Institute of Electronics and Computer Science of Latvia (IECS) with a team of 7 professionals operating in Riga, Latvia.

Eventech’s core competency lies in repeatable, extremely accurate and environmentally resistant signal processing and interpretation via Analogue to Digital Conversion (ADC).

On the ground, Eventech is holding >50% of the SLR market and are recognized by NASA as a standard for this application.


Focused on the development of rapid microbiological diagnostic tests for food and drink industry companies.

Today, for compulsory microbiological safety tests — every food or beverage producer is still using traditional plating methods (Petri dishes), which takes from 24 hours to 5 days.

Diagnostic products, based on our protected innovative technology (EloKIT™ technology by Conelum) is proven to reduce this time to a total of 30 minutes without any compromise on the results in comparison to conventional methods.

Vortex Oil

The production capacity of oil fields drops as hydrocarbon extraction progresses.

The output of wells becomes so small as to make operations unprofitable.

As a result, oil wells are abandoned with large oil volumes (e.g., up to 65%) left in the producing reservoir.

Our solution extensively improves water flooding technology and can boost oil extraction volume up to 40%.

Why Buy Now?

Only investors that buy ALF tokens until the end of ICO round 1 will receive extra

BitLats via Air Drop as a bonus (every 1 ALF will grant you 1 BitLats)



special offer

Private Round

(5 Millions EUR)

Special Investment condition.

Contact Us to get offer.

[email protected]


Bonus +20%


(15 Millions EUR)

-02.04. till 08.04.Bonus +20%

-09.04. till 15.04.Bonus +15%

-16.04. till 22.04.Bonus +10%


1 alf = 1Eur

ICO Round 1

(100 Millions EUR)

No bonus tokens

(1 EUR:1ALF)


price up ! 1 ALF = 1.20 EUR

ICO Round 2

(180 Millions EUR)

ALF token price +20%

(1,20 EUR:1ALF)

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