Alt.Estate Blockchain Platform for Trading and Tokenizing Real Estate

What is the ideal investment that any person can do without any knowledge or research? Real estate is an evergreen investment, which for decades gives good profits. A total valuation of more than 250 trillion dollars, real estate was the largest investment option for people. Investments in funds supported by real estate make an ideal plan for any traders and investors. The use of several investment strategies, other than those supported by real assets, is not considered the best solution in the traditional world. Cryptocurrency is the last currency on the market, which in recent years has brought unexpected benefits.

People consider this a risky, but high return on investment. Based on the strength of technology, people became the main motivation for the growth of investment in the crypto currency. What stops many of us from plunging into crypto-currency investments is high risk and volatility, which can be offset by the high yield that it provides.

Liquidity in the market – another problem related to the crypto-currency and crypto-currency investment model, proved ineffective. What do you think is the solution for investors and traders who want to invest?


Alt.Estate is a flowchart for trading symbolized real estate. This allows anyone to easily create their own global portfolio of the best objects around the world and become a real estate magnate. The team Alt.Estate, which occupies $ 400 million in real estate transactions in 2016, includes professionals with strong experience in investment, finance, marketing and operations. We are supported by advisors with global experience and real estate transactions worth over $ 3 billion. They provided a unique investment platform where everyone can invest without any restrictions on the minimum investment category, which, as a rule, is the biggest thorn on a commercial investment platform. Providing global access to entrepreneurs to raise the necessary funds for their projects is another feature of the platform. They decided to build a platform where the main priority is a project in which people invest. Alt.Estate Platform is a commercial center for significant transactions and additional exchange of token resources. The platform allows customers to exchange land in units with higher liquidity and lower costs.
The Alt.Estate protocol covers innovations, the corporate structure and the legal sequence of parts of tokenization. The protocol will be a turnkey answer for any person who wants to label the land, from engineers to people. The protocol is very suitable for completing a new standard of business.

Crowd in Exchange for ALT tokens:

The general public will have the opportunity to participate in the contribution of the Alt.Estate crowd, where contributions will be rewarded with ALT tokens.
Altstate will begin its work on March 1.
The ALT / ETH bet for public crowd participation is 100,000 ALT per 1 ETH
ALT signs will be distributed along the Ethereum block chain in accordance with the corresponding ERC20 smart contract in exchange for the
contribution received . The target contribution is $ 15 million with a soft cap of $ 1 million and a stiff price of $ 30 million.


An ideal opportunity for people who can also serve multiple purposes is real estate. People saw the importance of this, which at the right time invested in the right companies. Home is everything where it all belongs, and people are looking for the perfect place to spend their lives. As the population and disposable income grow, the market becomes much larger. A world in which everyone knows that everything seems too good to be true, but such platforms provide an excellent opportunity. Getting the tools that achieve this task is the starting point of the journey.

Compared to other investment options, real estate has been a continuous performer in the market, and people believe that if blockchain technology is to be used in the development of a hybrid market, one can guarantee complete trust and transparency. I think that commercial real estate is an investment that is dynamic and adaptable to technology.

Investments in the future, which will always shine, while people live on the earth. Nothing can become permanent, but continuous development and innovation in the current environment make it possible to be ready for the future. The Crypto currency is here, and people are going to invest in it while there is trust.

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