Bank account based on pluchein! Eco and idea

Bank account based on pluchein! Eco and idea

On the basis of new technological services such as bank, or even banking (such as transfer payments), they may have organizations that are not banks, including telecommunications companies. The latter, as a general rule, is not directed to the behavior of individual transactions, we offer you a customized package for each client.

Under these circumstances, banks, in order to maintain competitive rates of services, are constantly struggling to reduce costs, implement a cost control plan and review performance. However, the desire to meet the demands of time forces them to increase spending on the introduction of new information and communication technologies, the development in addition to the existing branch network, electronic distribution channels. The contradiction between the desire to save and the need for large expenses.

We have only given a few arguments in favor of the view that banking in the era of globalization is changing a lot. If you attempt to explain the reasons for these changes, we must first mention the following:

Banking under the influence of globalization acquires new features, namely:

The decline in the share of traditional banking operations in favor of a new increase, qualitatively meet the changing demands of customers. The rapid and continuous improvement of banking products and services and their promotion channels on the basis of modern information and communication technology, giving banking character innovative;

And the strengthening of banking capital at the national and international levels. The increase in the size of banks through mergers and acquisitions, as well as their cooperation with other financial institutions, aims at strengthening the competitive situation at the national level and conquering new international spheres of influence;

The main objective of the Bank’s management is to increase the market capitalization (capitalization) of the Bank as companies in the United States, Europe and some Asian countries, confirmed the view that the increase in the Bank’s market capitalization and growth of the banking industry as a whole ensures that banks fulfill their social functions and maintain their functions, Needs of economic growth.

The process of financial globalization and the formation of a “global banking industry”, according to some economists, contribute to the consolidation of national banking systems and the emergence of one dominant models of the bank.

All these problems may solve the bank account project on the basis of Blockin (BAP):

The World Bank Micro-
Bank decentralized banking platform that promotes Blocchin, AI, Biometrics technologies to offer anyone in the world access to a UK bank account for peer-to-peer financial services.

The account is managed via Smart App and provides access to a decentralized payment card. In addition, partnerships with central banks allow for the integration and issuance of other digital currencies worldwide, further stimulating small local economies and expanding access to a solution to the basic Pax code. Bb is already an approved payment institution FCA (Abi) will apply for a banking license in early 2018.

Black card

The black card bridges the gap between the digital world and the physical world. It is a secure payment card that connects directly to your bank account via a secure QR code or NFC mark. It allows both function-like discount, and can also be issued as a prepaid card to your friends and family.

How it works

Retailers can accept payment using a Bb card simply by loading the Bb application and scanning the QR code or via NFC. Payment is made immediately to the bank account of the retailer and funds can be used immediately.

Where it works

With a black card you are able to spend your pax at the shops and the india. Payments can be made immediately, anywhere in the world or online shopping.

Security and convenience

No personal information is stored on the card itself. If you lose your card, you can easily disconnect it from your bank account, and block anyone else from using it – all from your smartphone. If you find the card again, simply clear the QR code by your Bb application and reconnect your BP account.

New cards will be available at very cheap stores and from major online retailers with delivery the next day. Instead, pick up a friend, scan the QR code with the Bb application and you’re good to go.






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