Платформа BUDDY

Платформа Buddy – это целостная платформа для автоматизации разработки приложений. Их цель – сделать Dev Ops безумно простым, понятным и легким. Здесь, на платформе Buddy, они считают, что важно, чтобы передача культуры была обязательной при автоматизации разработки приложений. Alex Manly Stated – Когда команды Buddy могут увидеть преимущества работы в действии, тогда все остальные команды будут геологически […]

BIDIUM – Crypto-fiat-crypto P2P-exchanges

Hello everyone, this new dipostinan, I want to get acquainted with the Bidium project, and for more details go on to the next discussion: What is BIDIUM?  A crypto-exchange exchange intended for auctions and hiring, by expanding the capabilities of participants and employers BIDIUM is a cryptographic P2P exchange that combines the power of Advance […]


Token/Symbol EMP Type ERC20 Platform Ethereum Accepting BTC, ETH, LTC, Fiat Token Count 60,000,000 Price 1 EMP = 0.1 $   THE FUTURE OF ESPORTS MARKETING EIPlatform is developing a platform to enable direct interaction between brands and people in the Esports sector. Reaching the next generation audience via data-driven mass personalisation. GROWING GLOBAL PLATFORM EIP […]

UCHIT – Communication of the Future

Unchit serves as a fully decentralized exchange for data transfer and value transactions allowing users to communicate and collaborate at will. Distributed networks can work together without trust without a single point of failure. Project Specific Vision and Features: The UCHIT team has always emphasized decentralization as one of their emphasis. Promising to be an end-to-end solution […]

Money Token project overview

About the project: A money sign is a project that aims to provide crypto loans to those who have crypto assets. With Money token, you will not need to sell your crypto-currencies in fiat currencies, because the money you need will be available to you as soon as possible. The project will also provide a platform […]

Overview of ICO Multiversum

What is  Multiversum? Multiversum is a platform that offers complex data organization, not data sequencing, chain separation and rejoining to enable greater scalability and parallelism, and the concept of validity of Integrity Evidence (ie, cryptographic proof of server code) rather than existing Proof of Stake solutions. Multiversum will feature ERC20 / ERC23 integration, allowing coins and […]

CryptoDime – crypto fund with a professional team of traders

CryptoDime is a startup, founded by a talented team of traders from ForexDime, which strives to combine the fastest growing crypto assets. CryptoDime will allow people to make money on strategies of modern hedge funds with minimal investments. Cryptofund will acquire the main crypto currency for the money invested in it during the ICO. At […]

CZero Mobility

With patented technology, the CZMT token aims to become the de facto currency of choice for the electric car community. Its purpose is to spread the power of electric cars to the community. The CZero token is designed to be redeemable for services or products on the CZero & Partner network. ☑ “Proof of carbon credits” protocol. ☑ Tokens […]

Buy only original items using Seal

In our world, they try to make money as best they can. One of these types of earnings is the forgery of branded things and their sale. This business is quite big and profitable, but we can not now completely trust the words of sellers and constantly check the authenticity of the goods for originality. The cat does […]

ARAW Token The Decentralised Payment for E-Commerce Ecosystem

ARAW Token The Decentralised Payment for E-Commerce Ecosystem | The ARAW Token: The importance of cryptocurrency in unified reward systemOne of the most important and often used metrics for measuring today’s retail ecommerce success is the customer loyalty and reward program. Nowadays, virtually all the retail and e-commerce stores use some sort of loyalty reward programs; either […]