Betform: a social bet platform

Betform is a new generation platform for betting online casino modeled by block technology. Betform has been developed to support affiliate games. Using the platform, the need for intermediaries naturally disappeared.

Betform uses block technology to create a gaming network that features traditional features such as payout and offering quarterly prizes. This, however, is managed through the use of intelligent contracts.

With any gaming platform, a discussion emerges which currency will be used, and in this case it will be Betform’s native Betty (BFC) coin. BFC is ERC20 based on the Ethereum block. All games provided in Betform’s decision will use this coin.
Betting Games
The platform offers many types of casino-betting games. But he plans to have some more games to unfold. Some include:

Mah-jong (Chinese board game)
Big two (Chinese card games where the winner is the one who plays all your cards)
Texas Hold’em

Functions of the Bet
Smart Contract platform
Intelligent contracts will ensure that the winners will be paid instantly in a transparent way .

Social features
Social features will help users stay in touch and make new friends.

Integration of
Crypto Sales The Betform platform will integrate the ERC20 Betform Coin (BFC). All games provided in Betform’s decision will use this coin.

Platform Development
Betform will integrate selected games and applications developed by third parties. Companies and gamers will be able to add their multiplayer games to the Betform platform.

Proven Fair Games
Users have access to game history at any time to confirm the results. The PRNG of Betform has been tested and certified by a reputable testing laboratory.

In regulation
The platform will work in accordance with the regulations

ERC20-compliant wallet
Users will have wallets for easy management. The wallet will allow users to easily get the Betform coin and the app will be linked to third-party exchanges through their APIs.

Daily and weekly prize
program Betform offers daily and weekly loyal player awards. Awards can be used to customize the application (music, background, etc.).

BetCenter (BFC) The
Singapore company is currently launching its BFC symbolic initial sale of electricity. The BFC is ERC20 based on the Ethereum block. All games provided by Betform’s decision will use this coin, that is, users will need to execute transactions and bet BFCs.

The start of the sale of Token will start on January 8, 2019. There will be additional bonuses that are offered as a bonus to earlier users (Early Bonus Bonus). The funds raised by ICO will be used to restructure and upgrade the platform and its system architecture to handle comfortably with millions of players on the road.

Electricity Details
Symbol: BFC
type designation: Operational sign
Platform: Ethereum
Standard: ERC20
Total Delivery: 240,000,000 BFC
Token for sale: 96,000,000
Restricted sale of BFC Start: January 8, 2019
Current Price: 1 BFC = USD 0,10
Hard cap:

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