Bezop-Business Ecommerce Based on Blockchain Technology

[ICO] Bezop-Business Ecommerce Based on Blockchain Technology

Are you looking for a great investment? There is a crazy amount of investment to make these days. Many of them are really good, while there are a good number of regular people and a bad investment sea. The hardest task of a good investor is to look for great investments because there are only a few of them.
Today, I will introduce you to the project Bezop

What is a Bezop?

The Bezop is an online business distribution that adjusts the administrative and preparation procedures triggered by smart contracts, independent buyer insurance, exclusive and direct accumulation frameworks based on an arrangement. decentralization. Anyone can provide goods and benefits and be paid with a bezop without programming. The bezop carries out a new proof of the need to reduce the error rate for merchants and customers using carefully constructed contracts that are controlled by ethical and secure encryption. Bezop intends to offer open source and maintain a viable web-based business on the web.

Bezop is recommended by McAfee

II. How does the bezop work?

The services provided by Bezop include a platform in which your company can sell your goods, a versatile wallet that can store multiple passwords based on Ethereum (to be released in five 2019) and integrated applications developed by third party developers to enhance the platform.

Using blockchain technology will allow for all transactions to be safer, but decentralization will not only work in these situations. The community will have a say in the future of the company and in the major decisions that may affect the company.

Other services provided by Bezop are distributed order management, buyer protection, and rainbow encryption, a new technology for improving the way wallets are used.

III. Features of Bezop

Bezop is a complete solution for successful online ecommerce business for new and experienced users.
Anyone can sell their products and services and be paid with Bezop without programming.
Bezop made in writing Evidence of order reduces the level of fraud for both merchants and contract customers with elegant designs backed up by ethical and password-protected encryption. Merchants can collect and manage orders reasonably.
For example, your Bezop account will be able to store and store standard Ethereum ERC20 title tags. integration will allow you to switch seamlessly between post cards from your Bezop account. Convert Bezops between the standard token of ShapeShift supported ERC20 or purchase Bezops directly with other ERC20 cards. The Bezop account is currently active and its wallet will be launched in the first quarter of 2018.
Fully transparent

IV. The key of the project

A management port hierarchical orders (DOM)
Network Bezop
Proof of delivery
contracts and promises smart Bezop
V. ICO Information
Token: Bezop
Abbreviation: BEZ
Platform: Ethereum
Accepting: ETH
1 ETH = 1500-1929 BEZ

Tokens Sale Availability:
Start date: 20.Dec.2017
End date: 10.Jan.2018

More info:
Twitter: https : //

Simon Disney Project Development Team – CMO
Deryck Jones – CTO
Kevin Byrne – Ecommerce Specialist, PR & Advertising
Camelius Ubah – Main Engineers
plus Bezop Team and Advisors

VI. Development Roadmap

Release of Public MVP
of Exchange Catalog

Decentralization of management order
wallet release wallet

Bezop Network
Messier Upgrades (Upgrade Security)
Andromeda Upgrade (Network Upgrade)

VII. Conclude

Is this company the right investment for you? That depends a lot on whether you have a business or not. If you want to use their platform, they can offer you a good service, but if you do not plan to do this in the first place, this may not be the best investment because These BEZ cards will be used on this platform.

Therefore, waiting to decide if this company could be great for you is to see if it suits your needs. Sure, you can see that the company has a future and it would be interesting to invest in it, but it would be a really great investment if it could boost sales. friend.


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