BitGuild – A new word in the field of gaming platforms

Today I want to let you know about a new platform that can help improve the relationship between players, developers, and content. This is BitGuild.
I’m almost sure you’ve encountered many problems like this: currency, items, and accounts can not be transferred between games. That may be quite annoying. It happened to me a couple of times, it was annoying – I was playing, and suddenly the game was closed, and all my progress was gone forever. On a chain of blocks, markets and economies have become lean, allowing players to be able to trade and sell their creative products.
BitGuild is a new word in the field of gaming platforms. All games there use intelligent contact technology and receive PLAT, which will most likely simplify your game. All tokenized game object functions belong to the players and, of course, are traded.

BitGuild Market is another interesting and unique place. Assets can be bought and sold for PLAT at the Auction House. Auctions are decentralized and built using smart contacts. You will love it, because I do not have words to describe how comfortable it is – you better see it with your own eyes!
I think it’s important to talk about deals here. You will be able to freely purchase games or PLAT or any content at no additional cost. Like you, BitGuild hates hidden fees and fraud. To make it more convenient, I must emphasize that payments are really quickly accepted.
Community, oh, this is amazing. I have never seen such interactions between players and players with developers. No single platform – and I have not used it much – can provide you such quality services. One of BitGuild’s goals is to create the world’s largest international game community, and they are pretty close to it.
In the near future, developers will be able to collect funds transparently for the latest games, game designs and game content using PLAT.
The last thing worth mentioning is the wallet. The BitGuildwallet has nothing to do with traditional wallets. BitGuild wallets allows you to display incompatible tokens, such as game items and equipment.
In order for you to understand more BitGuild philosophy, I want to show you their basic principles. They can not make you happy!

First of all, this is the true ownership of the game’s characters and assets. Then they take care of competitive and competitive global competitions, cheap and safe trading in game items and real deals. Also, you will have cross references to items and currency and zero fraud. The last, but not the most important for BitGuild is the development of a reliable economic system in the game.
BitGuild will run the ERC20 marker on a Ethereum network called Platinum or PLAT for the short term. This token will be used to play BitGuild games, to trade in BitGiuld and support for the project market in BitGuild Home Design House and more. Even more.

Therefore, it is not necessary to discuss this again, I strongly advise you to try this amazing platform and learn all its own advantages. Good luck! Job post

2018 Q1
Sell ​​token. Initial development platform. Design BitGuild (game) finished

2018 Q2
Official launch of Start the community function. Beta version of BitGuild (game)

2018 Q3

The official launch of BitGuild (game). Start the BitGuild wallet. Launched the BitGuild trading platform. The platform is open to third-party developers
2018 Q4

Min 5-6 blockchain-games launched on the platform. Platform and all games, localized in 5 languages. Beta version of BitGuild Design House. Move to next blockchain generation
2019 Q1-Q2

10-12 launched in block game platform. Platform and all games, localized in 15 languages.
Official website of BitGuild Design House

2019 Q3-Q4

15-30 launched on game block platform Token


Token: PLAT

Price: 1 ETH = 80.000 PLAT

Bonus: Available

Platform: Ethereum

Receive: ETH

Minimum investment: 0.5 ETH

Hard cap: 14,062,5 ETH

Country: Cayman Islands

Whitelist / KYC: KYC & Whitelist

Prohibited area: USA, China / central

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