Bitmora Revolutionize cryptocurrency exchange platform

Bitmora Revolutionize cryptocurrency exchange platform

Bitmora– You may not know it, but there is a silent war in the world of cyptocities. It is a war waged by the cryptographic exchange market share, and the battlefield is the first to offer the most complete package. A package that meets the needs of the consumer.

It is said that the exchanges are what makes the world of cryptocurrencies change. Without them, the market could not operate. Participation in the Exchange market is not trivial, as there is a lot of money at stake. However, the competition is fierce as there are more exchanges in the market than you can shake. In summary, it would be better to have a good value proposal at this point if you think you deserve a place at the table.

To compete, new companies in general adopt the tried and true strategy of “upgrading” their competition. As a result, seeing the exchange industry mature is almost like watching Game of Thrones, where exchanges try to find the right combination of capabilities that will win the hearts of customers and the Iron Throne. The combination can mean a better marketing budget, interface or just several elements that represent a better overall package. This escalation occurs naturally within the industries that are maturing. We commonly know it as “progress”. This is a good thing because the consumer is the big winner after the dust settles.

I can not speak for everyone, but there are exchanges that I can not stand using. Like me, I bet every person has a threshold where it is not the most frustrating to use and I am sure that most people, like me, are looking for the first opportunity to transfer assets. However, the cryptocurrency market is still maturing, and I think we are now witnessing the second generation of exchanges.

To conclude, I will answer the original question and say yes I think there is room for improvement. If the business is war, then Bitmora has armed himself with a solid value proposition and is hoping to enter the fray.

Core values.
The goal of Bitmora is to revolutionize the world. Look at the investment in cryptocurrencies. All the great revolutions have been achieved not only by the leaders, but by the people behind those leaders. Instead of fighting history, we will place all important decisions directly in the hands of our users.

Community scope.
We care about our community and are willing to prove it. From the first day, we will provide a superior customer service to our joint offers that far exceed our competitors. More importantly, we realize that the problems facing today’s cryptocurrency community will not be the same voting system that can adjust to this constant landscape change in a very efficient and fair manner.

Public awareness
We want to help the world understand Bitcoin, Ethereum and other altcoins. By putting the future of the cryptocurrency in the hands of our users and pairing with the leaders of global cryptographic technology, we will give the world the opportunity not only to be witnesses, but to be part of the establishment of the currencies of the future.

Key benefits of Bitmora.
Security driven.
The security in our exchange is of the utmost importance to us. We are dedicated to providing the best security that we can guarantee you never miss any fund.

Business network
The days of seeing a loading screen when you click Sell are over. Our systems operate at breakneck speeds to ensure you get the price you want.

Innovative fees
We are all tired of paying ridiculous rates. That is why we are introducing a revolutionary rate system that no cryptocurrency exchange has ever used before. You can choose between two systems, and depending on your type of operation and volume, one system may be more affordable than the other.

Created by you
Bitmora is the first exchange that allows the community to vote on the suggestions of users about new functions. Vote on a poll and be proud when you see it live knowing it helped get it approved!

Completely Legal
Bitmora Inc. is a C-Corp fully registered in the USA. UU., MSB that complies with FinCEN, and is backed by solid banking agreements.

Modern interface
Whether you are on your desktop device or mobile phone, you can trade, analyze and control your investments. We make it easy for beginners, but it is also effective for experienced users.

Dedicated support
Our support team is dedicated and scalable. We guarantee quick response times and offer live phone support the day we open.

Our cold storage funds will be distributed worldwide in multiple undisclosed locations. We provide routine audits, enterprise DDoS protection and secure protection through multiple access control systems and software.

Financial transparency
Download our monthly financial data and see all the votes we receive along with the monthly volume exchanged in all the pairs. Your trust is of the utmost importance to us.

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