Blockchain Based Project for Medichain ICO Medical Data

Blockchain Based Project for Medichain ICO Medical Data

The medical records for the world-wide patients were promptly recorded on paper pieces. These notes are very difficult for doctors and health personnel to understand.

This tradition continued for centuries as a cliché of the medical profession. Records of the disease; it is very important to keep a history of the development of a disease and general health condition. As these records contain such special and sensitive information, there are many legal and ethical problems in maintenance, loading, handling and unloading. This led legislation to protect data against abuse or misuse.

With the advent of computers, medical records became less dependent on pens and paper. Medical data will now be stored via electronic means. We can see it as a move towards faster and easier access.

The Internet has become as prevalent as ever and electronic health records have begun to be uploaded to cloud environments or to healthcare providers’ websites for maintenance, updating, and retention.

And recently, healthcare professionals have started to use block-chain technology to create, maintain and update patient data decentrally.

MediChain is a new ICO that offers a distributed book for medical data using block chain technology as a driving force.

This part is an analysis of the current events about the MediChain ICO. It should not be read as advice or advice. While ICOs have quickly become a popular tool for financing projects and newly established organizations, they can also be very risky for token buyers.

In addition, ICOs already have an uncertain legal and financial situation. Token buyers can see that their purchases do not offer them any security or equity because the ICO uses a more popular initiative than a traditional public offering. For this reason, any investor who plans to purchase a marker during any ICO should obtain all relevant independent advice and make his own appropriate reviews.

MediChain: Decentralized database for electronic health records

Patient information includes some of the most sensitive information that may be attributed to a person. These records hold physical goods, psychological characteristics, and many other data that could potentially be very harmful if they fall into the wrong hands.

MediChain offers a solution that allows patients to store their medical data in a pre-defined geographical area and then access doctors and other relevant healthcare workers, regardless of the network used, thanks to the decentralized structure of the block chain.

The idea is to turn the block chain into a database that can be accessed by selected doctors, specialists, or other relevant health care providers.

Token and Some Information:

Token Name – MediChain (MCU)
Total Tokens Produced – 60.000.000
ICO Start Date – 2018
ICO End Date – 2018

MediChain token: As in
other ICOs, the company will issue its own currency, a MediChain token (MCU) based on the Ethereum ERC-20 standard.

The company describes this token as “100% toolkit used to clean up transactions in the MediChain Platform ecosystem.”

Once created, the tokens will be distributed as follows:

Pre-sales – 20%
ICO – 40%
Partners – 15%
Team and Founder fund – 15%
Medical Data Fund – 10%


MediChain’s website has a staff of 10 people plus three consultants.

The team is balanced. The team includes block chaining and software development expertise, experienced health professionals, lawyer representatives, PR and sales staff. All team members and consultants can reach LinkedIn profiles.

Click here to learn more about MediChain’s team .

Social Media Network:

A strong asset in Social Media is often a good indicator of a company’s popularity, but it is not the only factor that determines success.



Social media support is very important nowadays; so the number of channels an ICO can reach increases the chance of getting a firm, loyal and stable impression.

MediChain’s public relations and digital marketers have a long and challenging way to build a brand

Web Site Quality and Level:

Website Link:
An ICO website is the first port to search for potential investors, and if the site is not attractive enough, they stand out and forget about you no matter how good or applicable. For this reason, it is necessary to design a good website to create a strong and lasting impression.

The MediChain website is simple and not complex, offering all information in a straightforward and easy to read way. This simplicity is refreshing because it allows for a nice navigation.

A small point to note is that the first two questions listed in Token Sale and ICO’s FAQ section have no answer. I can not tell you it was a mistake because I did not know if it was left unintentionally empty.

In general, MediChain’s website is seen as ‘Good’.


Projenin whitepaper link:

If you want to be serious, a well organized, informative, comprehensive whitepaper is a must for an ICO. Documents are sometimes considered later and many companies are left open to criticism.

The first problem with MediChain’s Technical Review is that the download link on the website goes to a Google Docs site instead of a real PDF. Google Docs is not a safe environment, so an ICO should be the only storage option to deal with sensitive patient data. We recommend that you convert the document to a PDF and integrate it securely into your website instead.

Secondly, the doctor’s picture, the baby, and especially the baby’s mother, are repeated many times on every page. This is a completely cosmetic issue, but using different images could make it more beautiful.

All this aside, whitepaper is well organized and written. The font used is quite futuristic and in a good size, so it is easy to read. Information is presented reasonably and diligently, without much detail, in a praiseworthy format.

Overall, however, MediChain’s Technical Review is good and good despite the issue with Google Docs.

Medical records are important, electronic or otherwise, and their safety should not be taken into account. MediChain’s use of block chain technology to protect and update this information is a major advance for the healthcare industry. When applied well, it can make a big difference.

This ICO faces two fundamental challenges: the current lack of social media and the rigorous competition of ICOs with similar themes.

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