BOB’s REPAIR: ICO supported by JOHN MCAfee

BOB’s REPAIR: ICO supported by JOHN MCAfee

Bob’s Repair is a company created to eliminate cheating in a skilled trading services industry by launching a decentralized website where everyone can perform a search based on previous transactions for any worker and see how much their service is. To maintain revenue and growth, Bob’s Repair will follow modern trends in revenue models.

Bob’s Repair will not have membership fees, registration fees, or transaction fees. This makes the lowest entry barrier possible for contractors and the lowest price possible for consumers, which will facilitate growth. Instead, Bob’s Repair will earn revenue by earning money through STEEM’s weights, escrow services, and providing lucrative third-party services to contractors and consumers.

To spread awareness and refine Bob Applications, Bob’s Repair will raise funds by issuing an ERC20 token called BOB Tokens. Bob’s repair will give 50 percent of the profit to the token holder by buying BOB Tokens quarterly on the open market and burning it.

This combustion process is equivalent to delivering quarterly dividends and quarterly reinvestments. Repair Bob will issue BOB Token as security in accordance with SEC regulations. To ensure regulatory compliance, Bob’s Repair has consulted with the SEC and international finance. Bob’s Repair will build the Bob Application and distribute it.

To build Bob Applications, Bob’s Repair has signed up for Blockhain services and experienced software engineers. This is very useful to help support Bob’s Application development factors. To spread the news, Bob’s Repair plans to leverage 50,000 customer base from STWP, cryptocurrency community, and social media.

Bob’s Repair believes that awareness will lead to growth.Contractors will respond to the benefits of the platform, such as higher take home salaries and greater control over their schedules. Likewise, consumers will come to credible reviews, lower prices, and better service. This will result in decentralized decentralized decentralized network of contractors and consumers.

What is the Excellence of this Application;

  • Smart Contract for Smart Contractors

Bob’s improvements will capitalize on smart contracts to withhold payment on escrow and pull it out when the milestone is over.

  • Country Wide Expansion

50,000+ customers previously owned by Prandecki Brothers for contractors will be installed in Bob Repair application.

  • Believe in blockchain

All reviews will be linked to actual financial transactions, giving consumers real and irreversible reviews.Bob’s Repair is raising funds by issuing an ERC20 token called a BOB token . The Company will distribute 50 percent of its profit to the token holders by buying BOB Tokens quarterly on the open market and burning them, ensuring that the BOB token value increases over time.

Over the past three years, Prandecki’s brother managed to operate an automated SMS platform that has facilitated more than 50,000 service calls between consumers and skilled tradesmen, generating revenues of more than $ 1,000,000. Despite this success, the founders realized that their SMS platform was not can solve major problems facing consumers and contractors in the skilled trading industry – reviewing fraud, hidden advertising costs and increasing costs.

Price increases due to lack of price transparency.

This problem makes consumers confused in making bad decisions and wasting money. Repair Bob is the solution. Bob’s improvements will bring confidence and a reasonable price back to consumers launching a decentralized market built on blockchain technology that connects contractors directly to consumers.
To deal with fraudulent reviews, hidden costs due to advertising costs, and increased fees due to lack of transparency pricing, Bob’s Repair will build Bob applications on STEEM blockchain. Bob App will consist of powerful iOS, Android and web apps. Bob’s application will utilize blockchain technology to counter fraud reviews. Bob Application will be built on the STEEM blockchain because of the three-second transaction time and no transaction fee The Bob Application will keep all financial transactions in progress.
Repair Bob on blockchain. Then, when both sides of the transaction – the consumer and the contractor – leave a review, Bob’s Improvements will link the review to the actual financial transaction. By linking reviews with actual financial transactions, consumers can trust that the review is real and unchanged. Real reviews, from real consumers, provide better information for consumers to make better decisions.
To address review scams, hidden advertising costs, and increased fees, Bob’s Repair will build Bob Applications and spread the word. To build the Bob Application, Bob’s Repair has registered expert services of blockchain and experienced software engineers. To spread the word, Bob’s Improvement plans to utilize the 50,000 customer base of STWP, the cryptocurrency community, and social media


To maintain revenue and growth, Bob’s Repair will follow the modern trend in revenue models. Bob’s improvements will not have membership fees, registration fees, or transaction fees. This keeps barriers to entry as low as possible for contractors and the lowest price possible for consumers, which will facilitate growth. Instead, Bob’s Repair will earn revenue by earning STEEM blockchain, escrow services, and providing third party services that benefit contractors and consumers.

1. Income model

To keep prices low for customers and low entry barriers for contractors, Bob Repair will not happen to have membership fees, registration fees, or transaction fees. Instead, Bob’s Repair will generate revenue in three ways: STEEM weights, escrow services, and targeting of profitable third-party services to contractors and consumers.

2. Growth Strategy

Repair Bob plans to hire contractors from 100 local and regional markets The US has previously pursued international growth Initially, Bob’s Repair plans to recruit contractors from the top 100 metropolitan markets in Indonesia United States based on the highest median household income before pursuing international growth.


Bob’s Repair, a Delaware Corporation, will hold BOB Crowdsale and issue BOB Tokens. BOB Crowdsale will use smart contracts. BOB Token is an ERC20 token. BOB Crowdsale will consist of two rounds: Pre-ICO and ICO. After the second round is completed, BOB Token will be published on Ethereal’s main network.

1. Token ERC20

Name of BOB Token
Simbol BOB
Decimal 18

2. BOB Crowdsale

To participate in BOB Crowdsale, the buyer must register at the Bob Repair site ( and (1) complete Know Your customer (KYC) form, (2) complete Anti-Money Laundering (AML), and (3) provide the ETH address the buyer wants.

Token Details

Token Name  : BOB

Token Symbol  : BOB

Decimal  : 18

Price  : 1 ETH = 6000 BOB

Start  : January 4, 2018

Total Inventory  : 360,000,000 BOB

HardCap  : 30000 ETH

SoftCap  : 6000 ETH

Payment  : BTC, ETH, DASH, LTC, BANK

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