With Bridge Protocol, a Secure Identity Protocol

With Bridge Protocol, a Secure Identity Protocol, you will now know your customers better

Digital currencies, which have seen an incredible upward trend in recent years, are increasingly affecting the world economy. Consumers’ spending habits, methods of buying and new developments in digital currencies make them indispensable in the coming days. With these developments, new ICOs are on the market every passing day. I will talk about the Bridge Protocol, which today will begin to provide digital identity documents to individuals and groups, a secure identity protocol. If you would like to know more about the Bridge Protocol, please visit the official website  https://bridgeprotocol.io/  .

What is Bridge Protocol?


Bridge Protocol; comes from ProjectICO, a specialized company that offers tools to help others in the sale of tokens with the already existing KYC. Bridge Protocol is an open network that introduces trusted machines and users that are used to adapt behaviors, standards and implementation mechanisms to real world values ​​and practices.

This system facilitates the distribution of standards and regulations and business processes that are consistent with the users’ current expectations. The special block chain will ensure that assets are processed safely in order to guarantee reliable assets. Execution using smart contracts will ultimately lead to legislative alignment in the real world. The system will consist of reliable virtual machines and the user will provide accessible functions for business operations at the enterprise level. The Bridge Protocol will then begin to provide digital identification documents to allow individuals and groups. Purpose of this; secure, and free circulation while companies build trust networks in the real world.

What is KYC (Know Your Customer) Process?


The Bridge Protocol, a secure identity protocol, aims to provide a very simple and elegant KYC transaction (known to your customer) that fits international regulations. There are three important documents in Köprünün protocols. These;

  • BIMS: stands for bIMS Bridge Identity Management System, which executes export, revocation and verification operations on the block-by-block basis. The Bridge will use a unique “Get Your Own Key” (BYOK), which allows users to share the data whenever they want.
  • Bridge Certificates: The Bridge Protocol will use a three-digit system to classify investors, which will allow investors to participate in the ICO through public addresses. These steps will be explained separately.
  • Market: Bridge, legal agreements, ICO templates will be a market that will use IAM tokens at community prices for verification and development opportunities.

First, to begin this process, users will select a verifier from the Bridge Protocol Market. Once you have selected a verifier, they will send their information to you and this information will be encrypted when it reaches the verifier. The verifier will provide you with a digital ID certificate and assign a layer level after you enter the information you provide. When you assign a layer, all data will be removed and the digital ID certificate will be added to a digital wallet. This certificate acts as a pen that allows the user to sign documents with his / her pen. In short, we can call it a digital signature. After your identity is integrated into the block chain, any government or organization can not remove or change your identity.

Now, if we need to talk about this three-tier system; The first layer contains some information such as name, surname, address, date of birth, e-mail and payment. The second layer contains more important personal information such as social security number, driver’s license and passport number, government-issued ID card. The third stage consists of verification lawyers or investors with SAFT credit, which will include CPA documents.

Success of Bridge Approach


Bridge Protocol, with its unique digital identification system, is an incredible ICO that stands out in the real world with potential for growth and development in the near future. The crypto money community was looking for such a project that would provide ICOs with a one-off shop for the KYC process, eventually involving US citizens. The advantage of the Bridge Protocol is that it has a solid team with a commitment to success and professional experience. A brilliant business model, Bridge Protocol has the potential to bring the West into cryptocracy and bring it closer to universal acceptance. Bridge Protocol is the first step in ensuring compliance with the block chain. Referring to emergency commercial use cases with concrete digital solutions, Bridge Corporation will offer trusted token sales (ICO) templates and better ICC processes for participants.

ICO Details

  • The token symbol is IAM.
  • Standard token is NEP-5.
  • Total volume is 1,000,000,000.
  • For sale – 500.000.000.
  • The Hard Cap is $ 25,000,000.
  • The sales period is 5-28 February 2018.
  • The minimum purchase volume is 1 NEO.
  • The maximum purchase volume is 5,000 NEO for citizens and 13,000 NEO for organizations.
  • The purchase rate is 0.05 USD.
  • Only NEO is accepted.

Token distribution:

  • 50% for sales purposes;
  • 20% for the development of the plant;
  • 20% marketing;
  • 8% unpredictable conditions;
  • % 2 Award

Road map

If you would like to know more about the route map, please visit the official website at  https://bridgeprotocol.io/  .



As I mentioned above, the advantage of the Bridge Protocol to achieve success is that it has a solid team with stability and professional experience. If you would like to know more about the team, please visit the official website at  https://bridgeprotocol.io/  .



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