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In our world, they try to make money as best they can. One of these types of earnings is the forgery of branded things and their sale. This business is quite big and profitable, but we can not now completely trust the words of sellers and constantly check the authenticity of the goods for originality. The cat does not pay attention to it, but someone simply does not accept the use of such things. In order to be able to easily verify the thing for quality and originality, the Seal block-project was developed .

about the project


Seal Network – a block network that is able to provide real and clear information about the product. This is how the developers of the application, who, by the way, practice their work in Nokia, Microsoft, Dell and NXP:
Developers propose to label products using dynamic NFC-chips. All modern smartphones now have similar chips, and when using the Seal application on a smartphone, by hooking up a phone, you will receive all the information that interests you, which will be extracted from a special storage unit.
It is the use of blocking technology in the project is very important, because no one will ever be able to change, delete or forge information about the product. The database about the products will be entered information about the manufacture of goods, delivery it to the warehouse and store shelves, that is, the full cycle of its existence before the purchase.
It is interesting that information about the purchase of goods will also be fixed, and the manufacturer thus can analyze whether his product is in demand and whether it is necessary to further develop it.


From the advantages of the platform as a whole, it is worth highlighting the fact that users will leave feedback about products on the platform, which also nobody can change and fake, thus helping others to make only good purchases. I repeat that the developers receive a tool for analyzing their products, as well as a database of truthful reviews. And thanks to the whole chain of tracking the life of goods, the fact of theft can be completely ruled out.


On the token, ICO and the advantages of investing

The SEAL Token was developed specifically for the possibility of investing in a project. Is it worth it, you ask? Decide for yourself, because already signed contracts with Nike, Apple, Chanel, Lacoste and several other major manufacturers, as well as a ready-made working application. In fact, this is a real investment in the future.

Here are the details of the ICO:
💰Tokken: SEAL
💰Standard: ERC20
💰Platform: Ethereum
💰Token Issue: SEAL
💰Price per Token: 1 SEAL = 0.08 USD
💰Payment: ETH
💰Soft Cup: 36.000.000 SEAL
💰 HardCup: 492.000.000 SEAL

Tokens will be distributed as follows:
41% – for sale
13% – for the team
7% – tokens for influence and lobbying
22% – for legal and marketing operations
17% – for future developments

How does this work?

For every product, there is a token for it which is stored on the blockchain. Information like insurance, record of ownership transfer, theft prevention, and other specific information like product analysis and brand activation campaign are also stored on the blockchain.

The seal model is not all about the blockchain. The NFC chip is dynamic as the state changes anytime there is an interaction with it. the dynamic state of this cheap makes it impossible for fraudsters to counterfeit the product because what they get at a point will be different from the state the chip would be at a later time. So the counterfeit products chip won’t be in sync with what the real product chip is caring.

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Seal gives brands the opportunity to earn money in different ways. Each time there is a change of ownership, there is money to be earned by the brand. By using the disruptive power of blockchain technology, product ownership can be transferred and authenticity checked for decades to come.


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