CEYRON – The Financial Industry Revolution With Blockchain Technology

Ceyron  token can use money instead. The CEY token is a digital token that is given to investors and is a beneficial ownership interest in another class of nonvoting shares in Ceyron. The CEY token is a smart contract of the function utility in the fund. The CEY token is non-refundable. This was not due to speculative investment.

Ceyron Finance Sarl (CFS) is a limited liability company established based on the limited liability company law (“Dana”), and is fully owned by Ceyron Finance Ltd. The CFL and IMF signed an operation agreement that sets out the rights and obligations of each party.

Funds are advised by managed objects and by Columbus Investment Management Co., Ltd. (“Investment Manager”). Columbus Investment Management Co., Ltd. is located in British Virgin Islands registered as an independent alternative investment management company specialized for alternative assets and global asset allocation. Fund managers will be responsible for operating funds and will carry out all services and activities related to the management of the fund’s assets, liabilities, and operations.

Investment objectives and strategies

The IMF’s investment objective is to provide attractive returns on invested capital through a quantitative approach to ownership to credit-oriented assets awarded by Colombus Investment Management Ltd. (Colombus Investment Management Ltd.) . The IMF complies with a data-driven investment strategy in which machines are well studied.The nonparametric statistical model is applied to the problem of expected financial benefits.

Net income earned by the Fund in a particular month is usually held for reinvestment but some of the potential periodic revenues are used to distribute annual dividends to CEY token holders, Dividends are approved by shareholders and CFL shareholders.

Prepaid debit card is valid

Account name can be used as offer, you can choose multiple encryption and you can use prepaid debit card if you start transaction (eg dinner at price of $ 83.65) , Or the holder can be supported select kriptocurrency, sold at the spot price to close [Transactions].

Competitive cost

Because CFL holds both money and various crypto time, it can promote trading and CFL will promote the exchange of funds with encryption which allows you to compete with Coinbase for service and cost It will be able to do.

CFL enters emerging markets

The cryptocurrency market last year grew over $ 160 billion. The financial giants and the central bank are investing in block chain technology. Large and small investors seek a more regular market that benefits from safety nets and insurance provided in registered securities markets.

Problems in developing countries

The population of developing countries (Southeast Asia, Latin America, Africa) exceeds 2 billion people. There are 1.2 billion people living alone in Africa. Young and dynamic: 60% are under 50 years old.

Banks will gradually take over mobile banking,

  1. Development of online banking service
  2. Provide digital interests for the parties to integrate millions of people into formal financial sectors
  3. Development of settlement service for dealers.

Provide efficient liquidity to investors with blocking technology

Block chain technology may provide higher integrity, security, security, and transparency. Therefore, CFL uses block chains to ensure rapid transaction handling at low cost, hoping to provide large liquidity to investors.

There are two reasons why bank penetration is low   .


  • Customer level: Most people have low savings, as incomes are low or very low. Economic monetization has increased dramatically since the 2000s, but bank use is not part of voluntary practice. The emergence and growth of large microfinance enterprises fundamentally changed this situation.
  • Bank level: Excessive bank liquidity is not an incentive for customers to grow. If the population density is low, average cost will be added to the executing agency.

Very competitive market

More than 75% of the countries have most of the services available for mobile money services. This intensifying competition means more choices for consumers  Some services subscribe to two or three services at the same time.

Usage level is very low

Africa is the world leader in mobile money accounts There are 2% owners of adults with world mobile money accounts and 12% owners in Africa. Every year, the number of open mobile money accounts increased by an average of over 40%. By 2020, the number of Africans (about 450 million) with discretionary income is comparable to an average annual growth rate of 20% even though they are not better than Western Europe. By 2020, the population with mobile money accounts will reach approximately 800 million people. By 2020 it will generate approximately 10 billion transactions per day, equivalent to almost $ 10 billion.

User behavior analysis of payment means seems to be a general trend. Cancellation represents at least 60% of transaction volume. Peer-to-peer diversion operation 20%;  purchase talk time 10%;  8% payment and 2% saving.


Lack of safe and unsecured credits for credit applicants

CFL has the intention to solve Africa’s problem, which is lacking credits available to most applicants. Specifically, distribute distribution to CEY token holders, they can be qualified for loans because dividends can be thought of as one of the income sources.

CFL solution

CFL Credit Portfolio

Currently, 60% (60%) of US mortgage loans are held by nonbanks from 30% (30%) in 2013. US mortgage only 4 trillion US dollars product – bank credit platform. The operations manager approves the solvency and risks associated with the platform itself and identifies the credit profile of the originating asset from regulatory compliance on origination, quantity, collateral, term, interest rate to management and service quality It has been. Fund managers are responsible for selecting the best performing assets available on this platform for the CFL portfolio and cleaning up the highest risk assets in the CFL portfolio.

CFL safety token

  • The CFL is planned to grant a token owner with an annual dividend, but it is not a guarantee and must be approved by the board of directors and voting shareholders.
  • The CFL will invest 85% (85%) of the funds received by the IMF at CFL, and the IMF will invest in credit assets to create a stable cash flow in order. grow up. Token CEY (cash flow returns are not guaranteed and may be affected by market conditions and regulations)
  • CFL (to guarantee improved yields, not subject to market conditions and regulations), to further reinvest continuously and to facilitate the increase in the loan portfolio underlying the chip CEY , Trying to use simple leverage that improves the yield of the loan portfolio
  • CFL enhances the ability to build a leveraged loan portfolio by providing credit guarantees to warehouse lenders.
  • CFL intends to withhold cash, securities and symbolic reserves to ensure the liquidity of the CEY token holder (asset liquidity is not guaranteed and the possibility of market and regulatory conditions being affected is there).
  • CFL will be used in partnership with bonding service providers to reduce the risk of capital loss. However, the use of these financial instruments is not a guarantee of any possibility.

Supply overview

Technical bidding mechanism

Potential investors need to provide personally identifiable information when creating accounts that participate in sales at ceyron.io. This information is intended to ensure compliance with various securities laws and customer knowledge (KYC) and money laundering (AML) in the US and foreign jurisdictions.

For investors in the United States, they must meet the requirements of “qualified investor” criteria under Regulation D Securities Act Article 506 (c). Investors can indicate that they are qualified as qualified investors by documenting and downloading the document on the ceyron.io website, as described in the next “Investment Participation” section I will.

Participation in offer

Bidding for potential investors in the United States is limited to investors approved in the sense of Regulation D of the Securities Act, ie individuals or companies falling in one or more of the following categories:

The bank prescribed in Article 3 (a) (2) of the Securities Act, the savings and loan association prescribed in Article 3 (a) (5) (a) of the Securities Act and other corporations or trustees. Trader stated in Article 15 of the Transaction Law. Insurer in the sense of Article 2, paragraph 13 of the Securities Act. Investment company registered pursuant to Article 2 (a) (48) of the Act in accordance with the Investment Company Act of 1940 or a company development company. A small investment company approved by the Small Business Administration, based on Article 301 (c) or (d) of the SME Investment Act in 1958. One of the Contracting Parties, the  plan if there is a value above the plan is the US created or maintained by the political fragmentation of political subdivision or institution for the benefit of agents or parties or their employees $ 5 million (US $ 500 million). And in accordance with Article 3 (21) of the Investment Act in accordance with the law retirement retirement in 1974, in accordance with the decisions made by the trustee, registered banks, savings and loans, groups of insurance companies and investment advisers, In the case of an asset pension asset exceeding $ 5 million ($ 5,000,000), or a self-regulatory plan. 000,000,000 USD);  and law retirement retirement in 1974, Article 3 of the Investment Act in accordance with (21), the decision was made by the trustee, the bank that has been registered, savings and loans, according to the organization of insurance companies and investment advisors, performance of Plans include $ 5 million ($ 5,000,000) if pension assets of total assets exceed, or 000 000,000 USD if planning the array itself  ; And in accordance with Article 19 (14) of the retirement retirement, investment law, according to the decisions made by the trustee, registered banks, savings and loans, groups of insurance companies and investment advisers, If the asset pension asset exceeds $ 5 million ($ 5,000,000), or if the array itself is planned,

In accordance with Article 202 (a) (22) of the Investment Adviser Act of 1940, a development company of a private enterprise.

Organization described in section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 as an amendment, company, Massachusetts or similar trust or company for the purpose of acquiring the shares and their total assets. USD is over 5 million (US $ 5,000,000).

Privacy and data security

All data provided to us is kept in a secure computing environment protected by a secure firewall to prevent unauthorized access. The company controls access only to those who need access to the data of investors with access rights. All CFL team members must receive safety training and follow a set of safety policies, procedures and standards related to their duties.

Sales management token Ceyron (Cey)

The CEI symbol is a functional intelligent contract in the fund. The CEY symbol is not returned. The CEY symbol is not a speculative investment. It is not promised or granted in connection with a CEI document, such as future performance or value, no pledge of natural value, no promise to continue payment, no guarantee that CEI document will have special value There is none. CEY’s rights are not securities and will never join us. The CEY symbol does not have any rights of the company.

CEI shares are given to investors and digital marketers who do not have beneficial ownership interest in Ceyron for another share class voting right. Representative official title is useful to Ceyron · Finance Co., Ltd. I am interested I am kept confidential by Agency and Trust Company (“LATC” or “Candidate”) faithful to iconic and marketer’s owner  Fund And are not included in the management and operation of fund managers, but are explained below.

The token CEY – CEY offers an intelligent digital signing contract representing the advantageous characteristics of non-voting shares, but believes in the token’s possession CEY, done by the faithful agency and trust company.

Some information

Token name: Ceyron
Token icon: CEY
price: 1.00 USD per token CEE
Total token: 250,000,000
Pre-ICO   start: 2/16/18   Pre-ICO end: 3/15/18
before discount   ICO: 30%, 25% 15 %
ICO start: 03.16.18
Soft cap: TBA
hard cap: TBA
token Sales end: Cap hard
approved received: BTC, ETH, LTC and USD

Detailed information:

Website: https  :   //ceyron.io/

Technical report: https  :   //ceyron.io/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/White-Paper-ICO-CEY-Token-UPDATED31012018.pdf

Telegram    https  :  //t.me/joinchat/HlFUXhLIUYQL88_NtoM4sA

Facebook: https  :  //www.facebook.com/Ceyron

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