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What is a herizon?

Horizon Communications (Horizon) is a technology company that will use its next generation, LTE technology and fixed wireless blockchain to get its service offerings. Horizon’s goal is to provide high-speed internet (150mbps by 2018 and 300Mbps by 2019), high-definition cable TV and VOIP phone service in areas where customers are currently receiving poor, unreliable, and expensive services. After completing a successful capital increase, Horizon plans to launch in Bermuda’s flagship market, between mid to late 2018. Horizon will then focus on levels to Caribbean and Central American countries over the next few years.

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Token Horizon is a unique and unique Ethereal based token built on block. It is designed to be used to access services, and service discounts in the Horizon ecosystem. It is expected for anyone who wants to benefit from being induced by a world-class service company. Disk tokens are easily transferred between the token holder using the compatible ERC20 wallet and can use using the currency. Going forward, Horizon will offer buyback tokens from investors. Horizon also uses 15 percent annual profit to be ranked to the owner of the Tokzen HRZN in Ethereal. This percentage is tentative, and the prevailing horizon is based on mitigating conditions.



Horizon Communications offers our Token, Token HRZN, to buyers.

There are significant bonuses provided during pre-sales and initial rates during ICO.



(customers must have enough ETH in their wallets to cover minimum purchases plus network transaction costs). Horizon will only accept ETH during the initial presale. We plan to integrate Shapeshift before ICO receives a lot of Crypto currency (alt coins). Shapeshift converts the non ETH cypto currency into ET which can then be used to purchase the HRZN Token.


Benefits for Token Holders


 Discount on Horizon Telecom Services, for people who are on and on our way through our coverage area

 Use of data storage services, in our data centers and through our future partners for a lower price

 VPN service through Horizon and our blockchain partners through Bermuda and other locations in the future

 Reduce the cost of mobile and data services through Horizon and our telecom partners around the world with our sim cards ever established

 The purchase service will be up to 50% discount to the USD price when paid using Horizon Tokens

 Future dividends and buyback options for Token Holders. Horizon Token owners (HRZN) living or traveling in the Horizon area have coverage that can purchase services from Horizon (Internet, VoIP, IPTV etc.), at a lower price than the market price.


Pre-sales Personal vs. Public


Horizon is entitled to pre-sell privately before the commencement of our pre-sale and public ICO. Horizon has a limited token for purchase. Any tokens sold during personal presale will be deducted from tokens available for public pre-sale. It is also possible that if all available tokens are sold during personal pre-sale, then the sale of public goods will be completely bypassed due to the lack of available tokens. If this happens, Horizon will move on to the next ICO stage




Horizon intends to hold the capital he has in the pre-sale round, after reaching the soft cap, mostly in the reserves. Some funds will be used at Horizon’s discretion for day-to-day operations, legal and marketing for full ICO. If pre-sale funds become the majority of captials raised, Horizon will redesign the business model for a slower growth plan and then look for private investors or second round ICO once the customer starts onboarding.


Bonus Token


Horizon plans to deliver a significant bonus to initial buyers of the HRZN token. Time is the essence. As more tokens are sold, Horizon plans to reduce existing bonuses. The bonus allocation may depend on one or more factors, including but not limited to, time period, certain amount, etc.


Know Your Customer Requirements (KYC)


Horizon is required by law to collect KYC information from all tokens buyers. This information must be submitted & approved before buyers can purchase their tokens. Required information includes but is not limited to: Name, Address, Phone, Date of Birth, valid email, ERC20 address, front and back of passport or government issued ID, Accredited Investor document etc.






ICO will be held at website.

The token sale will last for 30 days Horizon Communications is expected to receive up to 40mil USD from our original token contributor (including pre-sales). The HRZN smart contract will stop accepting commitments when we reach ETH hardcap. We reserve the right to close the initial sale after sufficient capital is raised.



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