Contract vault Next generation agreements for everyone on the Ethereum blockchain

What is Contract Vault?
Contract vault is a platform designed to provide convenience, where anyone can use, develop, customize and even resell legally-valid contracts.
It’s a very simple contract like pulling and dropping. Market to sell with a safe environment and watched by many people. Contract Vault is also designed as a home for automated smart contracts, where each contract will also lead to money transfer and the document is instantly updated.Contact Vault will be a new world of trust in the field of contractual agreements.
The problem with the current contract
difficult contacts. smart but not really smart contract.
At the present time the lawyer services industry is expanding rapidly with smart contracts, but how can lawyers, consumers, developers and corporations benefit from this technology?
There are 4 issues or challenges in the current smart contract that Contract Vault wants to finish :


  • Use of Contract
    The background of the contracts is often poorly arranged and unclear and sterile and can not be adapted or developed, and also too much legal knowledge is charged to the consumer.
  • Contract manufacturing
    The making of contracts is difficult, inefficient and tortuous and boring even for professionals. Inefficient and rigid consumer collaboration usually just email each other documents.
  • Smart contract
    Intelligent contracts that are complicated and expensive, can not be accessed by everyone.Often unsafe and not in accordance with the applicable legal entities.And smart contract only for certain cases can not be reused.
  • Access
    Access to legal and technical counsel for smart and conventional contracts is expensive and difficult to process quickly.


The solution is in Contract Vault
Within Contract Vault platform users can create their own customized and reusable templates or can also access various verified templates, also can be used to generate conventional contracts or smart contracts only. Lawyers can also provide immediate advice and access to secure contracts intelligent applications in Contract Vault like SmartDossiers to collaborate with clients as efficiently as possible. Blockchain experts can also directly offer their expertise and services in Contract Vault. So businesses can quickly evolve to suit the needs of users with smart contract implementation.
Prime User of COntract Vault
  • Consumer
  • Corporate customers
  • Law Firm
  • Professional law
  • Small Businessman
  • and Developer

Why join Contract Vault?

  • Trust
    Sales VLT token is fair, open, the purpose is real and its product also has a proven market.


  • Innovation
    The smart contract platform is the future.Contract Vault sees many real-world contract cases that need to be developed.This will become a reality and we make it happen together
  • Revolution The
    advancement of digital technology is at least intrusive to the legal industry. Joining the sale of VLT tokens can help shape the future of the legal world itself.
  • Smart Contract Liaison can be linked with traditional contracts with TrulySmart Application so they are both useful
  • Your team is included as a supporter of legal innovators, technical pioneers, steadfast in Contract Vault missions
  • Democracy
    By joining Contract Vault you have been assisting a solution to ordinary users to be able to access legal and technical tools they may never have before.

Detail Token 
Jurisdiction: Malta
Token Publisher: Token Vault LTD
Abbreviation: VLT

Receiving: Ethereum ERC-20
Total supply: 900,000,000 VLT
Minimum Target: 1,000,000 CHF
Maximum Target: 45,000,000 CHF
Sales Token
Pre-crowdsale: 1st Dec 2017 – 31st jan 2018
Phase I: May 01, 2018 – 15 May 2018
Phase II: June 1, 2018 – June 15, 2018 All my reviews about Contract Vault. For more information please visit the official website below this: Website:
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