Cool Cousin Revolution In Traveling With Blockhain

In the development of technology in the modern era continues to increase the increase is quite good and also innovation continues to increase so that the current role of technology is pretty good as a growth factor in order to have a good quality and build various sectors to grow and always continue to experience future journey which continues to increase, so the need for innovation technology that continues to push towards a more increasing in the present and in the future, its purpose is as a driving factor in various aspects or fields to increasingly have a direction that the more the potential to grow more , in the role of this technology as in an agency agencies, companies,and also in the various opportunities in the improvement in a business, or business to find a strategy in improving a business or business to increasingly have a better stability, and at this time in the current era of Technology is also doing a development on a travel or traveling in order to control your travel or traveling for the more comfortable and enjoy the best facilities, with the level of control and also the level of quality on security and privacy are well maintained, and able to provide services in your traveling journey more colorful, with level network integration is also well maintained and supported also with blockchain network is more stable in the network,here we will introduce Cool Cousin, a revolution in a traveling system that will be more comfortable with the best facilities facilities it has established since 2016 Cool Cousin as a travel industry and has had various travelers who have given trust to Cool Cousin in leading to conduct or observe various tourism objects around the world.

Cool Causin, a new innovation in a technology development on a journey or traveling that has been established since 2016 and has been implemented and also has been applied in a platfrom which is where the platfrom already has various facilities facilities in a journey that quite a lot by providing quality facilities , and not to forget Cool Causin has had many travelers who have given a high level of confidence to Cool Causin because of the level of comfort provided and the quality in keeping the traveler for the journey, as well as a pretty good revolution that has been applied by Cool Causin with Blockchain technology so that the level of stability is well preserved, and Cool Causin has reached all over the world.

Cool Cousin Mission: Revolutionize Travel or traveling for more and more have a better level of comfort then with blockhain technology to maintain stability and as energy or new energy to increasingly have an increasingly better quality for the present and in the future .


With a clear roadmap structure level, starting from initial drafting and continuing to good development as well as different levels of good strategy in providing a range of excellent facility facilities in Cool Cousin’s platform will further increase the level of interest that will get bigger and bigger the range will be wider and other driving factors such as blockchain which will give the quality of the better and more developed in the future.

Providing a new color in the revolution in the experience of traveling with family or friends and relatives increasingly more comfortable and also increasingly have a level of togetherness is increasingly increasing, and also make the comfort provided by Cool Cousin more complete, together with the development in platfrom it has been in complete and also driven by blockchain technology as an energy or propulsion factor to further maintain the stability of the road travel increasingly has color and continues to increase over time and always experience the best quality improvement. as well as with the facilities provided and also a full service service in Cool Cousin Platfrom.

Excellence with Cool Cousin:

1. Level of acceleration is well maintained and good speed
2. Large community with a large range
3. Potential opportunities in business development or business is quite open
4. Costumer service in a responsible service to make it more comfortable
5. Level of confidence which is high
6. Levels on the cost or fees charged relatively cheap
7. Security level and well maintained privacy

Detail activities Crowdsale Cool Cousin: 

Crowdsale Activities held in March 2018
Crowdsale activity ends on April 17, 2018
With Total Supply Allocation is 300,000,000 Cuz
With Hardcap is 17,500 ETH
By Token Price Per ETH is 3.770 CUZ
For Minimal order is 0.1 ETH
Purchase using Ethereum
Join WhiteList

1. For ICO activity is 33%
2. For Team activity is 10%
3. For Advisor activities and bounty is 8%
4. For Community activity is 25%
5. For future development activities is 24% Detail All Team Cool Cousin: 1. Itay Nager, CEO 2. Gil Azrielant, CTO 3. Nadav Saadia, CMO 4. Shachar Cotani, CPO 5. Itamar Weizman, COO 6. Danielle Zilberberg, Head Of Content 7. Yotam Ofek, Head Of Front Back End Developer 8. Rotem Vanich, Partnership

More details about Cool Causin: 

Ann Tread: 2887590.0
Bounty Join:

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