CRYPTOBNB – Providing Trust Based Systems Based on Voting System


Presenting a revolutionary platform that will give you a better experience in choosing a better and more friendly shelter for you. We are the next generation market for online rentals, short term rentals and smart tenants, which will increase the options available to you in choosing your home.

CryptoBnB creates a market for a new generation of short-term online rentals and smart games for tenants. The new market aims to increase the opportunities offered to travelers, by offering greater efficiency in search, 0% commissions, lower network rates and greater flexibility, using smart smart contracts combined with the power of artificial intelligence and good data . to find the desired placement in the most efficient way. This new blockchain technology provides a trust based system based on a voting system so platform users can learn more about their peers.

Start development

We realize that you have difficulty choosing a temporary shelter during your vacation or travel, or you have found the right service, but the commission you are asked for is too heavy to burden your travel expenses, not to mention the hospitality of your owners chooses and many other problems.

With this problem, we decided to create a revolutionary platform, which will give you a different experience, we call this platform with the name ”  CrytoBnB  “.

As blockchain technology evolves, we also develop AI systems (and artificial intelligence) and large data that will help you find the desired hosting in the most efficient way.

We will allow homeowners and shelter users to enter a very large market, where users can define their own temporary shelter based on their travel expenses. We will integrate blockchain technology with the AI ​​algorithm, which will result in an appropriate match between the owner and the corresponding short term. Long-term tenants, with minimal transaction costs, will design this platform with tokens as a means of payment, in this way we will ensure that any users or residents will also benefit.

Blockchain technology

We designed this platform to work using blockchain technology as platform development platform. Because at a glance, blockchain offers a fast and secure online transaction offering and supports all types of data and crypto. Blockchain technology uses a system where every transaction is recorded and can not be changed forever, which safeguards transaction security and transparency and reduces the likelihood of data fraud.

Chip sales – Subscribe nowWith this opportunity, we invite you to enlarge this Platform, to reach the Wider. We will issue a Token with the name “CKey Token”.

Token Specifications: 

Total CKey Token 1 Billion
1 Key = $ 0.08
Bonus Token on Sched Published
HardCap is $ 15.2 million
Minimum $ 5 million
Minimum Purchase is $ 75 (0.1 ETH)
Token CKey is ERC20
Participant wallet must be compatible with ETH ERC20



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