CryptoDime – crypto fund with a professional team of traders

CryptoDime is a startup, founded by a talented team of traders from ForexDime, which strives to combine the fastest growing crypto assets. CryptoDime will allow people to make money on strategies of modern hedge funds with minimal investments.

Cryptofund will acquire the main crypto currency for the money invested in it during the ICO. At the same time, investors are offered to work, without any commission, with minimal investment and full control over the movement of funds.


Main advantages of the project

1. Instant diversification

As you know, risks need to be leveled. Now there is a lot of money for this, but not all of them can be bought and stored in one place. CryptoDime allows you to purchase a whole array of crypto assets in a few clicks.

2. Trading in the 24/7 mode

Their user at any time.

3. Transparency

It is not difficult to verify where tokens are located and what their value is.

4. High efficiency

The fund proposes to monitor the growth of the value of the pool of Crypto-currency using a single asset. That is, instead of constantly calculating the profit for each coin and then adding the results, the investor is guided by the index of portfolio growth.

5. The minimum amount of investments

In order to start investing in ForexDime, you need to have the amount of 1000 US dollars, and to start investing in CryptoDime – 0.1 ETH (as of April 2018 – about $ 55).

6. High level of security

The security of the transaction is provided by the NSA.


How it works?

Step one

Join the fund. Now it is possible by sending a bitcoin or etherium to the company’s purse to buy tokens. In the future, it is planned to realize receipt of payments in fiat currencies.

Step Two

After sending BTC or ETH, the user receives tokens at the current fund price.

Step Three

Receiving a profit. The money received is invested in crypto assets according to the adopted strategy.


Investment portfolio

The team made a hub of 18 crypto currency in the following ratio:

· Bitcoin 10.5%

· Ethereum 10.5%

· Monero 4.7%

· Ripple 15.1%

· KIN 6.3%

· IOTA 4.1%

· Stellar 2.9%

· NEO 3.3%

· EOS 3.2%

· Dash 5.9%

· Bitcoin Cash 7.8%

· Steem 4.4%

· ICON 4.1%

· Cardano 3.9%

· Litecoin 4.2%

· Lisk 2.8%

· Tron 2.7%

· Qtum 3.6%


Investment strategy

The company’s strategy consists of three elements:

  1. 70% of the funds are invested in the above 18 coins. The growth of the value of the crypto.

  2. 15% actively traded on the exchange.

  3. 15% will invest in the ICO and purchase of tokens in the Pre-ICO stage.

In the case of high volatility, the strategy will change. In particular, managers recommend hedging positions to avoid excessive fluctuations in the cost of NAV.


Dividends payouts

The company undertakes to pay out funds to investors every quarter and at the end of the year. Money can be obtained at Ethereum Wallet, Neteller (USD) and Skrill (USD). But now the bank transfer option is available only for private investors. Based on the information provided on the site, the amount of payments varies from 3 to 11 percent per quarter.


Purchase of tokens

The system token is called CDM. This is the Etherium of the ERC20 standard. The ICO was canceled, because the Hard cap was successfully compiled as a result of the presale (at a price of 600CDM for 1 ETH). Registration of users on Airdrop is also closed. But you can buy coins on a decentralized exchange

In total, 10 billion tokens were released, which were distributed as follows:

· 70% – sale to investors;

· 15% – reserved for Airdrop;

· 15% – remuneration to the project founders.

It is worth noting that users who bought tokens during Airdrop, are not eligible for dividends.

The CDM price is calculated as the value of net assets (NAV). In fact, this reflects the true value of our fund’s assets, minus the liabilities. The stock index of NAV depends on the behavior of its basic components. Calculation formula NAV:

Project development

The team plans to develop an environment for the use of CDM tokens in three directions:

·      Online casino. It is proposed to improve existing games by introducing blocking technology into them. This will increase the transparency and enable the users to honestly play with each other. The casino will accept more than a thousand alcoins for payment and provide priority access for CDM owners.

·      Decentralized Exchange. It is planned to create its own DEX, which will trade more than 1,000 crypto-currencies. The key feature of the exchanger is that it will be stored on the centralized server of the company.

·      Social network. A special platform on which traders can communicate.



The founders of the startup are the management companies ForexDime:

· Joserh Roy – Founder, Fund Manager, Project Ecosystem Development Manager;

· A Abhishek – co-founder, fund manager;

· Gabriel Barton – co-founder, fund manager.


The idea of ​​creating a crypto-currency index is quite new, but it relies on traditional financial technologies. This, combined with a low entry threshold, ensured the collection of the Hard cap at the preselection stage. As the value of the underlying assets is expected to increase, the CryptoDime rate will also increase. Additionally, you can receive dividends.

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