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Poker is a family of card games that combines gambling, strategy, and skills. All poker variants are tied to betting as an intrinsic part of the game and determine the winner of each hand on the basis of a combination of player cards, at least some of which remain hidden until the end of the hand. The poker game differs in the number of cards handled, in the number of cards shared or in the community, in the number of hidden cards and in gambling procedures.

In most modern poker games, the first betting round that starts with one or more players takes some form of forced betting. In standard poker, every player bets on the basis of ratings they deem worthy of being compared to other players. This action then proceeds clockwise, because each player in turn must match or call the previous maximum or fold bet, lose the bet amount up to that point and all current obligations further. Players matching the bet can also raise or increase the bet. The bet interval ends when all players have called the last bet or folded. If all players except a one-fold in every round, the remaining players collect the pots without being asked to open their hands. If,

Basic Information about Cryptonia Poker ICO



April 10, 2018 – April 30th

Hard Cap200,000,000 CPC
Price Token1 ETH = 11,000 CPC
ICO01 May 2018 – July 01, 2018
Sofe Cap15,000,000 USD = 275,000,000 CPC
Hard Cap45,000,000 USD = 550,000,000 CPC
Total Supplay1,000,000,000 CPC
Price Token
Stage 11 ETH = 7,000 CPC
Stage 21 ETH = 5,800 CPC

Cryptonia Poker is ready to launch. Cryptonia is the official currency on the platform. We started with ICO (Initial Cryptonia Offering), where players can buy 75% of our cards.

The remaining 20% ​​for promotions and promotions add value to our customers, and 5% will be given to promoters, managers and mentors to proceed. add values ​​to the platform.

In the Cryptonia Poker room, gamers can play with Cryptonias, this card is based on eterum. Cryptonia is a cryptocurrency that starts for our poker room.

These can be bought and sold from anywhere in the world. However, Cryptonia can only be used to play poker from an area where online poker is legal, licensed, and not governed by local law.

With an easy money transfer system, people from different regions can play online poker, and currency based on etherum helps minimize transaction time, adds player liquidity and thereby makes the ecosystem more efficient.

The scale of online gambling is expected to reach $ 51.96 billion by 2018, and online poker is the largest share of online games. The market is expected to reach $ 59.79 billion by 2020.

Half a decade later, the online poker industry experienced some delay control, but after online poker room efforts to improve transparency and FairPlay, more and more gamers are being pushed. push online. There are also a number of legislative reforms that make online poker more organized and appealing to the players.


Meet our team:

  • Lakshay Anand, CEO & Founder • Vivek Jain, Co-Founder • Anastasia Naymushina, CMO • Alexandr Palamarchuk, Bounty Team Lead • Abdallah Altrabeishi, Head of Security • Sharad Kant, Interface & Product Designer • Sofía Terekhova, Backing Agent • Opeyemi Francis Oni, Smart Contract Developer • Igor Chetkarev, Customer Success Manager • Shivani Ahuja, Writer & Editor

More info:

IСO [10 April, 2018 – 01 Jul, 2018]


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