Cryptosolartech-Blockchain with solar energy

High energy consumption for mining crypto-currency is the main problem in this sector. Mining assumes huge energy costs for its operation because of the huge mathematical calculations that processors should make. It is worth noting that the life of crypto currency is strictly related to electricity. In the production of crypto currency, about 1.3 kW / h of electricity is consumed, in addition to the large consumption of electricity, we see that in some countries rich in coal and oil, energy becomes cheaper, they burn polluting fuels, thus causing large pollution. And the more demand the greater the CO2 emissions.

To solve these problems, the Cryptosolartech campaign came up with the creation of a solar photoelectric basin capable of generating 45,000 kW of energy sufficient to supply a mining farm. Respira Energia will buy energy from this plant, then send it to a farm located in Málaga, which makes mining sustainable and profitable without the need for general electricity.

Respira Energía uses only clean energy, a company whose origin is 100% CO2-free.

Thus, the campaign will make the production of crypto currency by means of mining with a lower CO2 emission. The better will result mining mining on the planet’s ecology.

To implement the entire campaign, Cryptosolartech conducts its ICO to create its own token. And for the profit with the ICO, purchase 3000 units of equipment, for mining the crypto currency with the help of mining.

Public Blockchain Ethereum will be used to manage, generate revenue and launch the physical assets that make up this project. Thus, the purpose of this ICO is to create a mining farm for crypto-currencies and a photovoltaic solar panel for generating electricity. To participate in the project, you can only purchase digital tokens, which will go on sale to register transactions. Cryptosolartech has already concluded a 15-year contract with the Respira Energía campaign. And all the extracted energy will be sold to them, as well as other electric campaigns.

The campaign Cryptosolartech, wants to install 10 solar installations, investments of which amount to 42.8 million euros.

CryptoSolarTech has already successfully completed pre-ICO and collected more than 8.8 million euros. Tokens will be created on the basis of the ERC-20 protocol and will become a key component of the CryptoSolarTech ecosystem. By purchasing CST tokens, you become the owner of a portion of the campaign farm. Tokens holders will be charged interest from the profit of the campaign.

In total, CST tokens were created. Number of tokens for sale:, which is 80% of all created tokens. Soft Cap is 983.733 EUR, which was successfully assembled. And Hard Cap is 71.400.000 EUR. All the non-traded tokens will be burned by the team, which will add value to the token.

The sale of tokens is planned in several stages.

  • Stage 1 – Beginning May 1, 2018 for sale, there are 210 million tokens at a price of 0.06 eur
  • Stage 2 – Beginning 05/16/2018 for sale, posted 210 million tokens at a price of 0.07 eur
  • Stage 3 – Beginning May 31, 2018 for sale, exhibited 210 million tokens at a price of 0.08 eur
  • Stage 4 – Beginning June 15, 2013 for sale, there are 210 million tokens at a price of 0.10 eur

The minimum investment is 5,000 CST tokens.


The project team consists of professionals in their field. With extensive experience in the field of mining and power generation. Who are ready to bring the project to a victorious end and create something new in the sphere of mining and ecology of the planet.

The campaign visits and speaks at many different conferences and presentations, what to say about the benefits of the Cryptosolartech campaign. And to find potential investors.

I believe that the project has a great future in the field of mining and the extraction of solar energy. After all, first of all they are struggling with the pollution of our planet. Just do not forget that mining is a very profitable business and if you reduce the energy costs for its production, it will become much more profitable.

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