Datareum – Large companies like Google and Yandex can synchronize information from multiple sources

Users pay for online data for free internet and free services. Datareum- large companies like Google and Yandex synchronize information from multiple sources to better determine user preferences. They collect information about the users that they can analyze and sell for their ads.
Our data is an economic asset created by our underlying identity (age, location, gender), our actions (including interests, relationships and opinions), and the combination of purchases. We send data permanently when you sign up for other services, show gifts when you subscribe to other pages or click on your favorite. We create this information, but regrettably we do not own it and do not benefit directly.
At the same time, companies can benefit from making a lot of money, and they can show their ads more precisely because their interests are clearer. As a result, Facebook offers users pre-paid stories, fun pages, and information available on their profiles. An insurance company uses data aggregation to build a pricing model for new customers based on a willingness to pay for similar customers. Online vendors similarly price display prices to profile customers based on whether they are in the suburbs or in the city center.

Datareum, a decentralized marketplace, enables everyone to monetize data and sell directly to market researchers, academic researchers and other stakeholders. Built on the Ethereum public block chain, the Datareum platform protects this privacy and confidential information from cracking. Starting with online research for market research, Datareum will use a stimulus mechanism that provides access to high quality user data over a long period of time, providing useful tools for all types of researchers.
At this stage, the most important thing is to establish a transparent relationship between the data owner and the requestor. The Datareum platform creates a fair and open world where you have complete control over the data produced by data providers and access to high-quality, structured data ethically sourced at a fair price. In this world, providers will reasonably compensate for the value of their data, and all sorts of researchers have access to the required high quality data.

I do not enjoy companies like Facebook and Google using my online data to enrich themselves, track the sites I visit, view videos I watched, and list their friends. But instead of desperation for inevitable information leakage, you can try to understand real value and benefit from it. If someone makes a deal on my data, it means they are worth it, and I want to give it to me. Datareum provides an excellent escape from the current situation of creating available surveys and providing DNT tokens in a wallet integrated into the platform.

Key Benefits of
the Datareum Platform One of the biggest advantages is the ability to control the data that is collected only with the permission of the data provider. The supplier decides what data to offer for free and what to sell. Data providers will continue to receive DTNs because they can resell the information they provide.
With Blockchain, data is stored on a distributed network rather than in a centralized location, providing a high level of warehousing data, ensuring information immutability.

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How does it work?

  • The applicant will post the survey by specifying the target data such as age, gender, location, salary, and so on.
  • The conditions to investigate become a smart contract condition in the data market.
  • The applicant stores the DTN token in an escrow and pays the provider a response to the survey.
  • Suppliers conduct surveys, and enter into the data market.
  • The results of the retrieved data are analyzed according to the rules into a smart contract to send the request or cancel the delivery.
  • Once the conditions are met, the payment is escalated to the data provider from the escrow.
  • When the DTN was exempt from escrow, a small fee was paid to the Datareum network.


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Quality is essential in the data market. Datareum will use a combination of data validation mechanisms that reach the highest levels with the most significant potential value in the market.
Low-quality or malicious data generated by bot-generated data and those interested only in compensation are removed to form a functional marketplace.

Demand for DTN tokens needed to create a liquid market. This marketplace is a data marketplace and a marketplace for goods and services.
Crowd sales are subject to double audits using all tokens held in the escrow and returned to the buyer if the soft cap is not reached. Pre-ICO will start on April 28, 2018 at 12:00 UTC.

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