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Most people consider the idea of ​​Artificial Intelligence (AI) as an advantageous solution to many economic and social problems. But is it really so?

The concept of Dbrain and the principle of work

Dbrain is a blockchain platform for the collective creation of artificial intelligence. It unites representatives of business, who need to create a neural network, with the executors of this work. Dbrain also teaches the neural network to recognize images, sound, video and other data in a short time with a high degree of accuracy.
Dbrain provides an opportunity to earn money on training and monitoring of AI networks, while receiving a fair share of future revenues from AI.
The principle of operation is as follows: the client downloads its data (for example, photos), and registered users on the site, pass a specialized test (note which animal is shown in the picture). When they start working, they look at the photos, note that they are depicted on, and thus train the neural network. For each click on the account of the “markup”, the Dbraincoin (DBR) crypto currency is dribbling in the air-purse.
The Dbrain platform, integrated with Ethereum (DApp), provides an intuitive tool for marking and validating data for the crowd. A sophisticated user interface allows collectors to perform advanced tasks, such as marking images for their classification and regression, an object annotation with bounding frames and segmentation masks.

How neural networks help to improve business processes: examples of Dbrain clients

Pizzeria introduces a neural network for internal quality control of pizza. Hundreds of thousands of pizza photos are uploaded to the database, and the neural network learns to determine how many mushrooms, pepperoni, etc. are on it. There are many such examples: with the help of surveillance cameras, neural networks learn to monitor whether the worker of the factory has washed his hands before going to the “clean” shop; determine whether the barman steals money from the cash register; analyze the cutting of meat on the conveyor and cull pieces of poor quality, etc.

The American clinic is looking for a solution for detecting oncological pathologies. Pathologists receive the results of a biopsy (sampling the cells of the body for diagnosis) in electronic form and analyze them for negative changes. The doctor, first of all, finds “points of interest” – those areas of the biopsy that need to be investigated in more detail. Usually the result depends on the experience and qualification of the doctor – but the neural network has already learned to simplify this task with the help of algorithms. Now the algorithms tell the doctors the areas that need to be investigated first, and in the future they will be able to conduct such an analysis almost without the participation of people. “The work of a pathologist in the United States costs $ 300-350 thousand per year. On a day, he can process a limited number of pictures. And we offer him a tool that will accelerate, “- says Dmitry Matskevich.


Primary Team

Dmitry Matskevich – Director of the company
Serial entrepreneur. Founded 2 leading companies Big Data. Sold Flocktory.com, startup 2B AI, for $ 20 million in 2017
Aleksey Hahunov – Chief Engineer
Founder of connectome.ai and R-SEPT. Over 3 years of management of R & D groups in IT / AI
Ivan Gorshunov – Marketing Director
Expert in Google mobile application products, successive entrepreneur, co-founder of “.etc” and Rutech
Dima Dewinn – Chief Designer
Designer, Founder and CEO of Things


The task of the Dbrain platform is to enable companies to quickly deploy solutions in the field of artificial intelligence, using the available forces of markers and developers.

WEBSITE https://dbrain.io/?utm_source=bitcointalk_ann
Telegram https://t.me/joinchat/BSBzPk1gyw5grXyvBslXdg
TWITTER https://twitter.com/dbrainio
BOUNTY https://bountyhive.io/join/dbrain
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