Description of Swapy Network

Swapy has developed 3 applications that facilitate people’s universal access to credit through a decentralized protocol.

These applications include:

  • Swapy Exchange:
    Swapy Exchange brings together international investors from countries where interest rates for credit companies are lower than in countries where interest rates are much higher, providing a better return due to the interaction of these rates.
  • Swapy Financial ID:  Extends the capabilities of individuals by granting them the right to worldwide financial identification, which is valid anywhere in the world at any time.
  • Swapy Data Market:
    A data market whose purpose is to convert the financial data of users to the value they define using a deterministic system.

It is a joint network in which financial institutions and individuals can interact directly to have services such as credit, investments, insurance, or even make their own data available in exchange for Swapy tokens.

Swapy  is a joint network in which financial institutions and individuals can interact directly to have services such as credit, investments, insurance and even create their own Swapy coins in a common network. Through Swapy Network you will have access to Swapy Exchange, and in the future you will have other services that can be added to the network.

The purpose of Swapy Network is to create a decentralized platform that provides universal access to credit.

Advantages of Swapy Network:

  1. Reduce the cost of capital for developing countries.
  2. The best profit for investors.
  3. Financial identity is active throughout the world.
  4. Each user has the rights and values ​​of his own data.
  5. An easily accessible and cheap source of financial data.
  6. Reducing the barriers to entry into the company.

Prototypes prepared by the development team are open to everyone, and now you can try experimenting with this system yourself. The platform has an architecture built on a block of flats, which indicates that the platform will be transparent, reliable and secure. In addition, the special advantage is that the platform is aimed at solving life problems in the field of lending.

Distribution of Swapy Tokens:

Founders, employees and early investors 15%
Partners and consultants 10%
Significant 10% for external developers of the
Company 15%
50% of Swapy tokens will be sold
Type of ERC token 20.
Total tokens 100,000,000 SWAPY tokens.
Price USD 0,65 = 1 SWAPY Token.
They want to raise 30 000 000 US dollars.
The minimum payment is USD $ 1.00.
You can buy Swapy tokens only for ETH.

Company roadmap

  • Q3 2017
    The development of Swapy software began on July 1, 2017.
    July 31 edition of the preliminary alpha version of Swapy Exchange in the form of a preview containing fund-raising contracts.
  • Q4 2017
    October 10 release of the public alpha version of Swapy Exchange in the Ropsten test network and the opening of the protocol
    Since then, additional functions for the fund collection flow are being developed, the code base is being checked and the dependency of the centralized logon service is removed.
    By mid-December, it is planned to release an updated version of the Swapy Exchange D’App.
  • Q1 Beginning with the TGE
    Swapy Financial ID public alpha in a test network that provides identification and certification for Swapy Exchange swaps.
    Swapy Data Market is a private alpha on the test network, running from 1 to 1 data sales.
  • Q2 Beginning with TGE
    Swapy Exchange and Swapy Financial ID, a private beta version on the main network transaction with real tokens.
    Each credit company with which we negotiate will have its own time scale to start using Swapy Exchange depending on the compliance process.
  • Q3 Starting with TGE
    Swapy Exchange and Swapy Financial ID, a public beta on the main network. The public API “Connect with Swapy ID” is available. Anyone can use for any purpose and make transactions with real tokens.
    Swapy Data Market on private beta transactions with real tokens and real data Swapy Financial ID.
  • Q4 Since TGE
    Swapy Data Market public beta on the main network.
    Exchange Swapy Exchange and Swapy Financial ID.
    Planning next year based on community surveys.

Investors with whom Swapy cooperates


Summing up the above, it seems that Swapy Networ is positioning itself as self-sufficient and capable of competing with all currently available systems, which can dramatically change the existing credit system, making it more accessible and cheaper. It seems to me that the company has every chance of taking a leading position in the market.

More information about the company and about participation you can find out by following the links below.

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