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Digipharms aims to speed up the restructuring of service delivery the health-indispensable system to a value-based approach. The current shortage of the global health infrastructure results in substantial, wasted inefficiencies and health outcomes at least important to important stakeholders; patient. In the current field of health, there is a lack of incentives for system health and service providers to focus on mutually beneficial collaboration and maximization of patient outcome Vision

Digipharms’ vision is to be a pioneer in delivering value-based healthcare, innovative generation of evidence and patient empowerment in the health field. industry ‘using revolutionary blockchain technology.  Digipharm aims to utilize innovative blockchain technology to address innovative  patient access and cost barriers , reduce costs for all stakeholders, and cut infrastructure limitations to drive value enhancement, incentivize innovation and transformation expeditions into personalized health services. Insight Platform Insights 

Solutions  will extract anonymous patient-level data from Reimburse platforms and health information systems to the world’s first RWE ‘live’ database. Insights will provide symbiotic solution with Reimburse to complete progressive transformation toward  a value-based health delivery system. The development of a live repository proof
will enable knowledge integration back to the delivery system in real time to facilitate  decision-making, drug development and health-related research. Patients will be given an incentive  to donate their health information to the Insight platform and will gain access to valuable  health information that is currently unattainable

Paying back
Platform reimburse taking advantage of the ‘contract smart’ automated and blockchain technology; facilitating the application of innovative price solutions that are truly dynamic between health systems and manufacturers, in a safe and appropriate manner with minimal  administrative burden. The use of the Reimbursement platform will accelerate the integration, coordination and delivery of a patient centric health system with a focus on improving patient outcomes  while accelerating payment mechanisms for value between payers and producers using
mutually enforceable agreements in a peer way.

Differences Digipharm

While value-based health services provide solutions to the various problems faced by health care systems, value-based approaching has been largely hampered by the limitations of current health information system infrastructure, administrative burden of implementation and fragmentation of health care delivery. and patient outcome data. Digipharm

Patient Empowerment is a strong believer in empowering patients with custody and possession of their personal data. Patients will be given incentives to share and contribute their health-related data to inform health-related decisions and research.

Blockchain Technology
Digipharms’ solutions will facilitate and accelerate the paradigm shift towards delivering health services based on the value and centricity of patients using ‘smart contracts’ and blockchain technologies. Utilizing blockchain technology for the Digipharms’ platform promotes the development of an ubiquitous, transparent and security-conscious health information infrastructure.

The details of ICO Digipharm 

Digipharm (DPH) tokens will be used to pay license fees / access on the Digipharm platform. Access fees will always be determined and set in USD value and the number of tokens required will depend on the type of access (producer, patient, payer or provider) combined
with the required form of interaction. The quantity of tokens required for such interactions may change, relative to the market value of the DPH.

Token: DPH
DPH Supply: 100,000,000 Fixed
Type: ERC-20
Decimal Places: 18
Token Price 1.00 USD

Pre – Sale: 15,000,000 DPH
Pre – Sale Discount: 35%
Base Price: 1.00 USD $
Pre – Sale Length: 4 Weeks

Main Sale: 50,000,000 DPH
Week 1: 25%
Week 2: 15%
Week 3: 10%
Week 4: 1.00 USD


The Batchy Team Digipharm program  offers 500,000 Digipharm tokens by applying bounty campaigns that have started at this time. Each token is worth $ 1. There will be a second round of the gift program with the same offerings.

Allocation of Bounty

Signature Bounty 25% – 125 000
TranslationToken15% – 75 000
YoutubeToken/ Blogging Bounty 20% – 100 000 Token
Bounty Facebook 15% – 125.000 Token
Twitter Bounty 15% – 125 000
TelegramTokenBounty 10% – 50.000 Token

Website :  https://www.digipharm.ch/
Whitepaper:  https://digipharm.ch/docs/DigipharmWP.pdf

Bitcointalk profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1234556

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