Digitize – Enables Mainstream Cryptocurrency Adoption Through Loose Change Conversion

Digitize Coin

Blockchain market is one of the largest technology markets in the world, estimated to reach $ 7.74 billion USD in 2024. The increasing demand from financial services, health care, consumer products and technology is expected to drive this rapid growth. The Blockchain industry reached a global tipping point of adoption, with much of its growth expected to come with start-ups and new users of technology.

The recent exponential increase in the cryptocurrency market is expected to boost the market to $ 10 trillion over the next 15 years. Increased demand for Blockchain technology, as well as increased investor demand for cryptocurrency led to a sudden and sustained increase in market capitalization. The adoption of cryptocurrency by the mainstream is still lagging, largely due to the hassle of purchasing.

One of the hardest problems in crypto is how to reduce the hassle of dealing with cryptocurrency. Currently, to buy or hold cryptocurrency, it usually involves registration on the exchange, fund cables, and wallet settings. These steps, for those who are not familiar with the crypto currency market, can be a challenge. Digitizing solves this problem through multiple layers of end users including mobile wallets and mainstream adoption.

Introducing Digitize

The Digitize ecosystem will be the first decentralized global consumer ecosystem that helps transition to virtual currency through the conversion of loose changes. Through Digitize, consumers will have a platform to convert and exchange their loose changes for Ethereum to invest in a crypto index token. Digitize also offers a reward platform to retailers, where they can provide feedback or offer discounts through the use of Digitize tokens.

To become an ecosystem participant, users download the Digitize mobile app, which will be available in all popular app stores. The user then creates an account on the Digitize platform, either as a consumer or a reseller. During registration, users will undergo your customer’s complete knowledge (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) and then the system will create user profiles and wallets for users. Each user will be given a wallet that stores all data in a decentralized database and enables interaction with other parties, using smart contracts. We plan to also place Digitize tokens on the exchange of cryptographic tokens, providing an opportunity to publicly purchase them (for residents of countries where digital token purchases do not violate local laws)

Digitize Ecosystem

The ecosystem will be built in accordance with a measurable and decentralized approach that ensures long-term stability and sustainability.

The ecosystem will involve the following participants, who will participate as depicted in the following diagram:

  • Platform
  • Retailers
  • Consumers

Digitize Platform


In the traditional cash-based purchasing process, consumers will buy goods from retailers and accept changes for transactions. Digitize changes that process, instead of providing changes in such forms, Digitize offers the consumer the ability to have some or all of the changes provided in the Digitize token. Digitization aims to expand globally, and is not bound by geographical or currency restrictions.

Reseller Wallet

Resellers will be required to keep a minimum amount of Digitize tokens in their wallets so that when consumers come to the store, they have sufficient quantities ready to be transferred to the consumer wallet. Resellers will have a unique QR code generated for each transaction that will allow instant transfer of Digitize token to consumers. Resellers can purchase Digitize tokens on a platform or store tokens that consumers use to pay for goods and services. The retailer will provide a percentage incentive from the deposit transaction fee.

Consumer Wallet

Consumers will have their wallets prepared before making transactions for security and ease of use. The consumer wallet address will be stored in their smartphone app (as QR code) and will connect with the retailer’s wallet to receive digital token transfers.


Prizes will be given to retailers to motivate them to encourage Digitize consumer adoption. These prizes will be awarded through a percentage of transaction costs, as well as through the achievement of certain milestones that the more consumers they refer to Digitize tokens the more free tokens they will receive.


A digitize token will be generated during the token-making event to be provided to consumers referring other consumers to the Digitize platform that will help market and create awareness for Digitization.


Businesses that seek feedback about the goods and services they currently provide, or should they want to introduce new goods and services, can provide incentives to consumers with Digitize tokens to motivate them to participate. The feedback system will allow businesses to conduct market research or focus groups that will enable them to understand their customers’ needs and desires in greater detail. Information from consumers will be stored and processed safely so as to not identify consumers and will allow them the freedom to provide open and constructive feedback that will help all parties involved.

Mobile App

We will develop and publish mobile and business websites and apps for both businesses and consumers to use that will make it easier to transact and store Digitize Tokens. This app will be available for Android and iOS platforms.

Consumer Applications

Consumers will be able to sign in and view their Digitize account details, their wallets, transaction history and view discounts and promotions from resellers.
Consumer app contains the following tabs:


  • Shows the number of Digitize token the consumer owns, and the value it has in the local currency;
  • Provide an option to save funds through cash or to deposit changes at the point of transaction.


  • Shows the number of consumer holding cryptocurrencies, and values ​​in local currency;
  • Provides a means for consumers to exchange between DTZ and ETH. Payment
  • Shows the number of digital tokens that consumers save. All supported cryptocurrencies include;
  • Provide payment tools using cryptocurrency supported by consumers.


  • Displays the number of Digitize tokens received in return for feedback;
  • Displays special discounts and promotional retailers are active in the store.
Consumer applications will be safely protected and also include 2-step authentication, as an optional security measure. This app will be available on iOS and Android.

Business Applications

Business apps and websites will provide businesses with dashboards where they can see the amount of Digitize tokens they have as balances, Digitize token values ​​they have, and other businesses on the Digitize platform they may want to cross-market with. The app will also provide businesses with platforms to organize promotions and discounts, gift programs and receive feedback from consumers.
Apps and websites will both be well protected with two-factor authentication.
The Business App contains the following tabs:


  • Shows the number of Digitize tokens owned by the business, and values ​​in local currency;
  • Provides the option to send funds to the consumer who will then generate the QR code.


  • Shows the number of business cryptocurrencies holding, and values ​​in local currency;
  • Provides a means for businesses to exchange between ETH and DTZ.


  • Shows the number of digital tokens the business has;
  • Payments are supported through DTZ and ETH;
  • Provide payment tools using cryptocurrency supported by consumers.


  • Displays the amount of feedback rewards;
  • Options for organizing gifts, promotions and discounts on business platforms, for consumers to view.
Apps and websites will provide access to video tutorials for businesses on how to use various functions including facilitating deposits and payments, creating rewards programs, managing promotions, and creating reports to identify which promotions / rewards work and potential areas where they should look to expand.
This app will be published as open source software in GitHub and serves as a formal reference implementation.
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