What is  PlanetZiggurat .?

 PlanetZiggurat’s goal is to bring the tasks on the trading platform Ecex.Exchange. Ecex.Exchange will fill the gap by creating a market environment, a system for trading platforms that is active on the assignment agreement. This means changing the owners of many agreements and documents, such as claims, invoices, and factoring agreements etc.

Ecex.Exchange will also deploy all relevant brokerage firms and online brokerage firms. We will make the arrangements of the community connected to the new assignment market.

Our market system will be similar to the stock market.

Claims, invoices will be traded until their bonds are due to bankruptcy or the natural ending of the issuer. The owner of the invoice or claim may have its right at any time (and exercise its right to realize its own terms).

Ecex.Exchange Technology 

Three Blockchain Technologies are planned, namely:

  1. Trading platform, exchange for claims, invoices and other subject for assignment (all joint tasks).
  2. Redeem the flow of information through the leading broker community. PlanetZiggurat will launch a trading platform to show and teach members and clients.
  3. Blockchain, especially digital signatures (


How It Works  Ecek.Exchange 

The way the Ecex.Exchange Platform works by the transferor to the other party → the designee. It can also be a transfer of benefits, including fair interest, in accordance with the rules set out in general law or in equity.

For example, a borrower borrows money from a local bank. The local bank accepts and then transfers the notes to a financial institution in return for a certain amount of cash, thereby assigning the right to receive payments from the borrower to another entity.

Mortgages and lending contracts are relatively easy to assign because the lender’s task is relatively limited; other contracts involving personal duties such as legal counsel can not be transferred.

Since innovation creates a new contract, it requires the approval of all parties, while in the case of an assignment of consent from an unauthorized party may be required through the terms of the contract. US:


Obligations and obligations.

Establishment of contract rights.

Ecex.Exchange Platform

Ecex.Exchange will provide a trading platform with a list of instruments (claims, loan agreements) and possible offers / requests and all means and steps to complete the transaction as agreed by the contract.


ICO Ecex Exchange Token – Ziggurat (ZIG) 

Ziggurat (ZIG) Token Info

Symbol: ZIG

Name: Ziggurat Token

Decimals: 18

Contract Address: (0xe760A89967d8C7Fa638eeBfC15A77BA107674021)

Max Supply: 531 million ZIG. The unsold tokens during ICO will be burned.

Price Token Ziggurat: 0.0004561163 ETH per 1 ZIG. 1 ETH = 2400 ZIG.


Distribution Token:

Common market 66%: 350 460 000.00 ZIG

Foundation 10%: 53.1.000 000 ZIG

Partner 7%: 37.170.000,00 ZIG

Founder 7%: 37.170.000,00 ZIG

Advisor 6%: 31.860.000,00 ZIG

Bounty 4%: 21.240.000,00 ZIG


Phase Bonus ZIG Token During ICO

Buy transaction amount 10,000 ETH and more than 100% Bonus.

Buy transaction amount of 1,000 ETH and more than 50% Bonus.

Buy transaction amount 1.00 ETH and more than 25% Bonus.

Buy the number of 10 ETH transactions and more than 12.5% ​​Bonuses.

Buy 1 ETH transaction amount and over 6.25% Bonus.

To pay for the Platform Service Exec.Exchange Trading Ziggurat Tokens can be used at exchange rate 1 ZIG = 1USD (this rate is only on Ecex.Exchange Trading Platform if pay for service.).


To get more information about  Ecek.Exchange , please visit the official Ecek.Exchange website below




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