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Let’s look at Elementh, one of the ICO events.

The score is mid-level, which is a good score for ICOs. Since ICO is relatively small in publicity activities, I think it is a hidden gem.
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1. ICO Bench : 3.8/5

2. Track ICO : 4.6/5

▶ Company Information

Elementh is an ICO hosted by a Russian company called Miiix. Then you must know Miiix company well before you understand elementh ICO. Miiix is ​​characterized by the main phrase “We are the largest structured product catalog.”

In the world today there is no complete catalog of products with links to receive data about the product. Miiix aims to create the most complete structured product catalog. Started out as a collection of wholesale goods for online stores in 2012. A few years later, Miiix realized that the main value they owned was their catalog, not the service.
The catalog provided many opportunities for Miiix to come up with, but I was able to find my own application for this database. Miiix’s catalog is the product of the most modern mechanic learning algorithms with years of category and content manager work. Structured data with the most complete merchandise cards.
Process the format of price lists, match products to a limited set of data, and deliver data on prices and quantities of all products in hundreds of vendors and thousands of stores. All of this is based on a mechanic learning algorithm. Miiix says that it knows about all products on its own.
There is also a description of how you can collaborate with Miiix from online shops, marketplaces, suppliers, and manufacturers.


The company is located in Chernoretskiy Pereulok, 5, St Petersburg, Russia 191167.

I got the following award.

▶ Token Model

Elementh is a block chain designed for the electronic commerce sector. Represents the registration of product ownership that allows you to create professional product contracts and quickly create a variety of distributed and centralized applications using naming standards.


Goods system

In addition to the token system, Elementh has a commodity system that can be used in many applications such as tracking the movement of a specific item from its creation to its current owner, tracking the original product and detecting counterfeit goods. Unlike the token system, the merchandise system also provides the ability to display all possible merchandise data by issuing a specific merchandise at a specific address. And if the same item is already in the block chain, the issuer will receive a message about it, and he will have the opportunity to display the number of items he wants to issue. If the item has a serial number, you can specify it when you perform the transfer operation. To provide protection against data forging, only the hash of the serial number is fixed in the system, so only those who know the initial number can perform valid transactions. If the serial number is not available at the time of publication, the system will generate the item unlawfully and the holder can print the QR code in the package to identify the specific item and provide it in RFID tags or any other convenient way.

Integrated name of product

One of the key features of Elementh is the availability of unified names. The cost of creating and using cards is different so that merchandise cards are as accurate and complete as possible, and to reduce the chance of creating duplicate cards. For example, 1EEE (price is set by proxy vote) to create a merchandise card that participants have to pay. As soon as the owner adds an item to the system, he is offered to use an existing card or to create a new card. Using an existing card is 100 times cheaper than creating a new card (for example, 0.1EEE). The cardholder receives compensation for each owner of the item using his / her card and deals with it using this card. Any participant in the system can supplement the information on the existing card and the cardholder can accept or reject the proposed changes.

Originality of the product

The item on the system is present in a single copy, and if an item with the same serial number is added to the system, the buyer can be notified that all dApp can not know the origin of the item. If the ownership chain comes from the manufacturer, verification of the originality of the product takes place across the entire network.

▶ Market

Worldwide retail e-commerce revenue in 2016 was $ 1.9152 trillion. This revenue is expected to increase to $ 4.058 trillion.

Amazon is the largest market in the world. Amazon’s revenue exceeded $ 125 billion in 2016.

China’s largest holding company is Alibaba Group.
* The above data is from statista.com.

Elementh Blockchain is available for product specifications and product systems in all marketplaces and online stores around the world. E-commerce is a growing market in all countries, and the popularity of distributed markets is an advantage of the Elementh Foundation. If Elementh is partnered with every new marketplace, the block chain can become a standard in the e-commerce market.

▶ Road map

The beginning of Elementh is Miiix, which was founded in 2012. Over the past several years, we have built a vast database and built many infrastructure.

Token sales will be available during the first quarter of 2018.

Alpha version of Elementh blockchain will be released in June 2018. This event seems to be very important. And in September 2018, when the test net is built, Elementh blockchain will be announced in December 2018.

▶ Investors / Partners (Investers / Partners)

The partner company is as above.

▶ Community

Telegram: https://t.me/elementh_community
Twiter: https://twitter.com/Ahooleeman
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Elementh-1371154296341075/

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