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Meet the comprehensive, logistic solution for all markets and chains supplies, EndChain  .  We all know that one of the main areas of use of the blockchain technology is the sphere of transport and logistics services. All this would not have happened, but fortunately, thanks to the blockchain transparency technology, we can track every transaction. In essence, logistics is a sequence of transactions that allows you to turn a commodity product into a finished product, and deliver it to a customer. That is why the revolutionary nature of the blockchain will be able to change the familiar supply network once and for all. Using the unique blockchain technology allows you to move to a new level of communication and customs clearance of goods.

The EndChain project is designed to break down existing problems using decentralization, open protocols, and services. The main objective of the project is to unite the efforts of manufacturers, transport companies, intermediaries and other persons, allowing to solve the main problem of our time – the problem of lack of trust. This is what will allow to move to a qualitatively new level of supply of goods, as well as to guarantee the safety, transparency and traceability of all operations.

Many companies are faced with the problem of lack of transparency in their work, remaining alone with other suppliers and companies.

Suppliers, shipping companies, brokers, and government agencies use outdated supply chain tracking systems. Such techniques include the use of physical paper documentation and materially responsible persons. The lack of modern solutions leads to delays and the inability to track their own supplies. Using the blockchain to place orders,  registration of payment information and delivery of reporting documentation will allow you to go into the digital era, and to refuse to work with materially responsible persons. The EndChain campaign is designed to combat these problems . The main feature of the EndChain project is the use of a combination of a bar code (patent is pending) and a UTC (UPC).

The use of such a patent-protected tool makes the supply chain more simple and efficient for all participants in the process. EndChain system allows you to get reliable information and create a reliable space for the sale of second-hand goods. The EndChain system allows you to confirm the originality and authenticity of a second-handproduct. To obtain such information, customers simply scan a QR code placed on the product.

 After scanning the QR-code, the buyer will see a green check mark or a red cross confirming or disproving the authenticity of the item or product. Using a simple structure allows users who are unfamiliar with blockchain technology to quickly determine the authenticity of a product. In connection with these events, ICO was launched, which will take place in several rounds:

Round 1 (US $ 1.5 million) USD 0.16 (50% bonus)
Round 2 (USD 3.0 m) USD 0.18 (35% bonus)
Round 3 (3, $ 5 million) USD 0.20 (20% bonus)
Round 4 ($ 3.5 million) USD 0.22 (10% bonus)
Round 5 ($ 3.5 million) USD 0.24 (5 drawings; 40,000 tokens each)
Soft Cap: USD 4.0m
Hard Cap: USD 15.0m

You can find more detailed information in the whitepaper project’s technical documentation and ask questions you are interested in at all of our well-known forum https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5055264.new#new or in the telegrams chat https: // t. me / joinchat / J19jRxLbcyhWw25SXGtlcA project.

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