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Most of us will have taken steps to take a small amount from our family or people on some basic points of our lives. Why? The reason most often leads us to the bank to harass is the reason for leaving trouble: mainly because you need to pay zero interest and the whole process is very fast. Talking clearly about lending, peer-to-peer borrowing has now been adopted on a large scale. The benefits, obviously, are many and nowadays there is a need to pay a small interest charge from the regular fee charged by the lender. To help implement and control the flow, here is EOZ, which is a lender which provides the necessary closing solution for it.


EOZ is building and working on a blockchain whose purpose is to eliminate the constraints it takes to invest in the cryptocurrency market. Apart from this, it also intends to increase liquidity and increase the financial system for one and all.

Of the countless reasons, some of them move rightly. Once again, to keep in mind that the eauz is out to bring $ 1 safe, most effective and safe method.

The EOZ platform is completely safe and fully decentralized, which uses the crypto “boat” to work accordingly.

The artificial neural network gives the bot all the necessary information for the business

EOAG is a completely unique blockchain system that brings forward the concept of decentralized borrowing and offers it in blockchain.

To eliminate the risk, the EOG network offers a solution that works best.

Problems with the current market

Crypto’s business is not a piece of cake when it is about business, not everyone in the area is successful. The crypto market is very unstable and no one knows what’s going on in the next minute.

Many shortcomings have been marked with traditional methods of investment, including:

Many issues related to money and support are
high fees
There are not many financial options
, confusion on different investment funds,
very low revenue
mortgage conditions
list is endless and due to these issues, many customers have already opted out and Others are looking for an ideal option that fits this purpose.

Why choose an EOG?

In addition to various programs for making services and lending, it also ensures that everything is safe, fully accessible and liquid.

Here are some powerful reasons for optimizing for ios.

The EOZ platform, which automates automatic learning techniques, helps people keep their crypto and in return cash.

It also introduces the concepts of great referral programs, which facilitates access to various opportunities in the field of investment and business services.

With EOZ, crypto is easy to buy and sell

It helps people and provides excellent security and business facilities to those who are extraordinary.

Token sale

The main goal of completing ios is to create a direct and very easy business field in the crypto market for all and everyone.

The total number of tokens in sales accounts is up to 48 million. The pre-ICO starts on 16th February 2018 and the ICO will start on 18th February and will continue till 19th March 2018.

Token distribution will be 5 phases / round as follows:

ICO – 25% for
future growth – 5%
founder – 3%
bounty – 2%
goes towards fund distribution in this way

Crypto Trading – 70%
Marketing – 10%
Development – 10%
Different Operational Costs – 10%
Final Decisions

There is definitely an opportunity to improve the current business platform with EOS. The ultimate goal of EOEG is to attract more attention and this is what anyone who looks before making his decision goes to the EOG because there are a lot of problems in traditional borrowing methods. Therefore, it is time to make your move and become a part of the business world that provides you the best.

More about the project:

Website: https://www.eoz.com

Whitepapper: https://www.eoz.com/whitepaper.pdf


Bitcointalk profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1234556

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