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Somehow I have already asked what prevents you from personally participating in the ICO? It is clear that all the problems of today’s market are on the surface. This is an abundance of fraudsters and the lack of guarantees for investors and much more. But we’ll discuss this later.

For now, I propose to recall what the concept of DAICO is. I remind you that with such an ICO, all team steps are recorded in smart contracts. And the whole embodiment of the project is divided into these stages or steps. At any time, the balance of funds can be withdrawn by investors, which, according to the concept creator of the concept, should stimulate the team to action.

But does this give us a full guarantee of the protection of our investments? But what if the project team can only write WhitePaper and make beautiful websites, and their professional skills in the direction that they themselves have chosen, leave much to be desired?

Yes, in this case, we withdraw the balance, but what happens next with the project? After all, something has already been done. Maybe the team made the product, but who will promote it?

In general, there are still enough questions. But what if I tell you that there is a modified version of the concept of DAICO. I would even say not modified, but reworked so that all the flaws are practically nullified. Yes – this is definitely a new step towards trusting the ICO, or rather to ICO.E

EQWITY is a decentralized platform on the blockchain for ICO of a new generation. Now everything is based on full transparency, trust, decentralized management, and physical proof of ownership of assets!

And all this has received the name – ICO.E Let’s try to understand together – how it will work in practice.

Market problems

What do we have today? The abundance of projects that came to the market with the aim of simply raising money and disappearing with them. Such projects are called fraudulent and we must get rid of them in the first place.

Further more. Even those projects that have some prospects, releasing and developing an original product, come across the pressure of a competitive market. It’s good if the team actually has declared professionals in this field who are able to make the right decisions in critical and turning situations.

But what if the team’s professional skills leave much to be desired? And such situations we meet more often than we would like. The project simply slowly and smoothly fades out, as well as our hopes for it.

And what about the property rights of investors? Do they get something other than loud promises from the team about the rise of the cost of tokens or to-the-moon coins? What about the real management of the company, shares, dividends, change of management, in the end? None of this is in sight. What are we then investors, I’m sorry. Just people who give their money is not clear to whom.

By the way about “it is not clear to whom.” Quite a lot has already been written about fake profiles in social networks. Even in LinkedIn vaunted, there are “clients” who write themselves huge volumes of business biographies, and in fact have worked as a clerk in a medium spill firm before that. There should act not just the rule “trust, but verify”, but a full-fledged identity check, up to inquiring about it in the internal affairs services (police, etc.)

Also, in addition to disguised fraudsters, we should not forget about the very real and open.

Recently, in one of the ICO, a criminal offense occurred. According to one version, the CEO of the project took and disappeared along with the collected funds. According to another version, he gave someone a loan, but they did not return him back. As a result, the project was left without collected funds, and this is with a successful Soft-Cap. Unfortunately, these situations are not unique today.

Just due to the absence of a clear regulation on the ICO market, fraudsters of all stripes rushed here. In addition, even decent people can make any choice, since this is not monitored by law. Output? Only that we ourselves will begin to regulate this sphere. Decentralization to help us.

And still today there is no secondary market, where the assets of the losing teams could be sold by auction. And then the first investors could recover some of the money spent. And those investors who went to the project could use the already prepared developments. The point is because sometimes only in an intelligent team … Let’s see what EQWITY offers us in this regard.

EQWITY working principles

Immediately I want to note that EQWITY took as a basis the phased implementation of the project, which is directly dependent on fees. If you look at the following sign, then everything becomes clear:

When collecting Soft-caps of the project, the only thing we can count on is the first implementation structure – ICO.E (Soft-cap is 6 million USD). With 16 million USD Hardcaps, we can count on 2 additional structural steps: Community Voice and BSE (and the latter will be released without AI and virtual assistant).

And only fees at the level of the last plank, namely the Moon-cap, will provide us with the entire project. I must say that for such a global project, at least we can count on Hardcap.

And now let’s see what each stage of implementation represents separately.

The ICO.E platform is a full-fledged platform for the ICO of a new generation. Full transparency and interest in success, both from the organizers of the project, and from the investors.

As distinctive features, we can mention the KYF procedure – that very detailed procedure for checking project organizers, including data from the insurance, bank, law enforcement agencies.

There will also be a viability rating of the project, which will be determined by independent experts of the platform. Here it is decentralization in action! The rating, of course, will be completely transparent and traceable. No wonder we use blockchain.

Another embodiment of decentralization is real shares in the company, which are confirmed by project tokens. Now this is not just a set of toes and ones that should grow for some reason, independent of you. Now it is a tool in the hands of investors, confirming their influence on the company.

By the way, now the degree of this influence is not determined by the number of acquired tokens. EQWITY believes that full-fledged decentralization is one vote for one investor, not the number of tokens that he owns.

It is worth noting the audit of smart contracts, again – by independent experts from the platform.

Community Voice or Community Voice is the second phase of the EQWITY implementation. Naturally, this is the magic that will allow investors to manage the company remotely from their smartphones.

Think you can not cope? For this, EQWITY has come up with a virtual assistant, Serenity, who will teach and prompt. Serenity works on the basis of AI, which means that over time it will only improve its skills.

Well, it is clear that now with a vote you can not only choose the company’s course in the near future, but also change the incompetent leadership, if you are not satisfied with its results. Full democracy and decentralization in action!

BSE or a blockchain – based cryptocurrency exchange is the third stage of EQWITY.

Remember we talked about the secondary market? This is the same thing. If one of the first investors wants to leave the project, go here. If anyone is interested in the project and wants to invest in the long term – you are here.

If the investor is disappointed in the project and they want to sell off the assets, they are here too. In general, the functionality and capabilities here are going off scale. And all this looks like a real stock market, since even indices will be assigned to companies (based on open capitalization reports).

It is also worth noting that BSE is an absolutely modern and technological exchange. With the appropriate level of service and tremendous transaction speed. This is done in order to attract traders to it. True, those will also have to declassify their identity according to the rules of the platform.

Well, the last stage of implementation is The Block or a kind of Academy of Business .

This structure is aimed at directly fighting the lack of professionalism among young and talented teams. Why did I call it Academy? Because there will be trainings and training for teams from the ICO-E block.

A certain “caste” of mentors and mentors will also be formed, which will be connected to the project after graduation. It is clear that they will be professionals of their niche. It is clear that they will have a “train” of positive results on other projects.

And these mentors and mentors can directly connect the project to themselves, in the case of a change in project management. Assume the role of such “crisis managers” for the transition period. Of course, only if that is the desire of investors and the community.

I think that you have already understood that EQWITY is an extremely global and conceptual platform that simply must be embodied in the ICO market structure. Great hope remains that this will be done specifically by this team.

But a new ICO market cannot be built without its own successful ICO – so let’s analyze whether everything is good here.



We have already spoken about the hardcap of the project above, so I’ll just remind you that 30 million USD are needed to fully implement the platform.

For these purposes, exactly half of all issued EQY tokens will be allocated, in total, 6.25 billion will be released. Let’s look at the distribution of tokens:

  • 50% will go under the hammer;
  • 15% will be a reserve;
  • 14% allocated for bonuses;
  • 10% will be taken by the project team;
  • 8% reserved for consultants;
  • 3% allocated bounty.

As for the collected funds, their distribution also depends on how much the project will collect in the end. We can see the details in the table below:

EQWITY is one of the strongest conceptual projects of the year. The entire depth of the project design ideas is simply amazing. This is the case when the platform not only wants to see in full, but just at least to see. And I remind you that we have all the chances for this.

Perhaps I am somewhat biased towards this project, but I have long been in a cryptocurrency environment and in ICO, in particular. And I really want most of what EQWITY offers to be implemented in the very near future. We deserve a completely new – honest and transparent market. So let’s try to bring it closer together.

Below you will traditionally see links to information resources of the project. Do not be lazy and read more about it. He is worth paying close attention to him and follow the news. And we will see you in the following reviews.


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