Estrogen and Progesterone with Some Effects

Estrogen and Progesterone with Some Effects

What the estrogen and progesterone means? It is the hormone of women’s which is actually happens when they have a menstrual. This hormone is produced by ovarian follicle. When women have a menstrual this hormone will raise and affect the body to be grown. Both of them are coming from the ovaries of women’s. They are the hormones which can grow up the body and give certain impact to the human body such as bones, skin, and also the physic of the body. Some effects of estrogen and progesterone are available that usually happens in women’s body.

Estrogen and Progesterone with Some Effects

Estrogen and Progesterone with Some Effects

The effect of estrogen and progesterone

Estrogen and progesterone has an effect to the women’s body. The effect is divided into two types which is in premenopausal and postmenopausal. Some effects of these hormones are normal skin thickness and elasticity. The normal skin of women has a thickness with a fresh skin. This hormone influences such kind of this skin. Women may have the elasticity of their skin to be more exotic and has a healthy skin because the elasticity will give reflect to the beauty of women skin.

In addition, there is a relaxation of blood vessels as the effect of estrogen and progesterone. This means that this hormone will work to the vessel when women have a menstrual. In other words, the relaxation of the vessel is attacked by this hormone which can make a good and elasticity of the fresh skin. Therefore, the relaxation of vessel is one of the indicators in premenopausal of women’s skin by this estrogen and progesterone.

Estrogen and Progesterone with Some Effects

Estrogen and Progesterone with Some Effects

Postmenopausal of estrogen and progesterone

Beside the premenopausal of estrogen and progesterone, there is also a postmenopausal which impacts the women’s body. The impact is that the body will be easy to be tired. This tiredness is influenced by progesterone because the postmenopausal. Postmenopausal means that woman is not getting menstrual anymore because of the age and the elder grow. Thus, this hormone in the old woman affects the losing energy which is not stronger anymore that the young period. To maintain the energy in this age, they usually consume the vitamin to save their body in a healthy life so that the body and the bone will work as the function and to maintain the good energy.

Then, there is also a sensitive skin affected by estrogen and progesterone. These hormones indicate the sensitive skin if it is in postmenopausal of women’s menstruation. In the end, the hormone of estrogen and progesterone will make people especially for women to have the sensitive skin such kind of this effect because it is caused by the daily life and life style as the factor. However, there are some certain criteria of loss estrogen that is ever in women’s body.

The characteristic of losing estrogen and progesterone

There is also characteristic of losing estrogen and progesterone in woman body. The first is hot flashes. This means that body is easily to have a sweat. In every condition, it can be had a sweat even if there is not in a hot condition so that the body is automatically have a hot or high temperature which can be solved by certain treatments. The hot flashes here will give women inconvenience of their activity. Sometimes, the biggest problem is getting down and having a fever in their body.

Secondly, the losing bones of osteoporosis as the characteristic of losing estrogen and progesterone. Estrogen as the main criteria in the women’s body to have many energies and strong bones is the impact of postmenopausal criteria. This hormone will give the bad impact that is easy to have an illness and also losing bones if it is not in the women’s body because the postmenopausal is the losing energy that is need en estrogen.

Thirdly, the losing estrogen and progesterone will impact heart attack. The heart attack happens to the old woman, who is in the last age of their life. It means that it is the indicator of no energy in their body because the estrogen is the big component of hormone in woman body. Therefore, losing estrogen is quiet dangerous to the healthy life and woman’s body. However, it is able to be secured by doing some treatments of women’s life style such as exercises, consuming a vitamin and many others.

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