Etherjack – Jackpot game based on smart contract

Etherjack – Jackpot game based on smart contract

Etherjack is a Jackpot Game based on smartcontracts from ethereum, in this platform the participants will be in a game transparent, fair, safe and it all depends only on the participants, not on the developers.
Etherjack allows participants to compete in a certain duration jackpot game, Participants in the game wanting to get a jactpot must bid in advance and if nobody is bidding after you within a certain time limit, then you can take the entire jackpot.

Even more cool is that each participant in this game can win the jackpot up to 10x if the participant bids at the right time. All submissions will be processed in a transparent and secure manner as directly through blockchain ethereum.

Online gambling developments will continue to grow annually as online gambling volume in 2017 has reached $ 47 million and will continue to increase over time, following online gambling market statistics from 2009-2020.

Although the gambling industry continues to grow annually, there are still many online gambling sites going through third parties that are not subject to any control mechanism and pose a high risk to lottery operators that affect reward results and payments.

With the presence of this Etherjack platform will further give confidence to the participants of the Jackpot Game with a decentralized system. As I said above that the game will not show developers and operators but fellow participants.

During this period Etherjack agreed to hold an initial token offering program (ICO) whereby everyone could use “JACK tokens” as a betting option for participants instead of using ethereum.

Apart from that all JACK tokens can you use as a means of investment to resell when prices are higher.

Fixed supply 1 million Token jack, the token will continue to decrease as time passes because many people start doing bidding by using Token jack. When Token is sent to the airport, it will be calculated on the deposit of the user with an on-chain dealer and the entire deposit can be withdrawn.

For Jackpot Etherjack Game Simulation you can view it directly through Official website or by reading whitepaper . They also hold Airdrop in their campaign, just Subcribe with your email and confirm each other. if the confirmation you have done then you are required to fill the wallet ethereum that supports erc20.

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