Fnatic and Origen smashed every doubt

Fnatic and Origen smashed every doubt

Fnatic and Origen – Contrary to predictions of quite many fans, Fnatic along victory has made Origen quite easily in the quarterfinals Playoffs LCS Europe. Let’s take a look back at the outstanding performance of this team in the 2 weeks before the competition.

Fnatic-mount than the round table

FNC toward the Playoffs with number 6, an achievement not impressive compared with traditional as well as the potential of the team. Must meet strong opponents is Vitality, few can hope that Fnatic will do miracles. However, teammate Rekkles showed a completely different gameplay compared to the round table-mounted and extremely tight.

The biggest bright spot of Fnatic in victory in the week before the tournament, who go the forest Spirit. Instead of using the generals use miracles, he preferred to use the General gunner as Kindred or Graves and remarkably effective. Major damage along the high maneuverability helps Spirit comfortably move around the map, team support as well as robbing the forest of the enemy. Constantly faced Gragas or Elise Shook hands across the line but the Spirit never superiors and always ready to fight when necessary.

Klaj support also show the progress markedly when constantly moving support for Spirit. After being criticized for not using good Braum, he decided to improve his chess set with Trundle and Alistar. 2 “the giant” was the cause of helping Fnatic won in many important battles, when countless medium Klaj control hard to immobilize the enemy, as well as the ability to underwrite his gunner.

Rekkles still shows his steady form. Whether any officers, he has only the number of troops and damage extremely much in every phase of fighting. After a four game match in the series, he is just down right Bo5 2 times and have towering KDA 16/2/21 is widely admired. In addition to the familiar choices like Ezreal or Jhin, Rekkles also started the selection back to the very strong article in present time is Sivir.

Similar to Rekkles is Febiven, the line between always sure in its gameplay. In the first game, he was fully engraved with their nukeduck Kassadin Azir mode, a General who would dare to use in the present time. After that, he completely destroys opponents with Lissandra, which has an exemplary Transition phase getting killed 3 members of the enemy in the final game, winning the competition for Fnatic.

FNC’s success is not only based on the excellence of the individuals, but also on the platform as well as tactical cohesion than in the General gameplay of the entire team. In situations or change the tape head, Fnatic is always more members than the team, help them get quite a lot of the network in the early stages of the battle. At the same time, the continued use of 2 Moving helps them get more advantage than when pushing or squeezing of the Dragon/baron.

Moreover, the membership Fnatic limited to the maximum extent the situations captured travellers. Spirit is a typical, when he no longer Tiger Woods and robbery alarm too to be enemy capture. At the same time, as a member of the mistake, the other members of the FNC is also ready to support the team rather than hesitation as at the stage of the round table.

Origen-complete makeover

In a match with the Unicorns Of Love, Origen decided to use PowerOfEvil rather than Xpeke. Soon after the return, the German guy has smashed all doubts about his form, with the touch screen to destroy “the weird Kingdom”. Performing many different game styles, from versatile Mage as Orianna, blood profiles with Varus or assassins with LeBlanc, General amount that P.O. E can use is extremely large.

Zven also had a series of successful Bo5 battle, when demonstrated for everyone to see that not only have Rekkles is playing well or Jhin Sivir. He always cause extreme amount of damage whether it’s difficult match head would go. Even, with the newspaper than the Tiger Gunners as Lucian in game 1, he is ready to plunge into the middle of the enemy squad to discharge ammunition.

The gameplay of Zven received major support from the P.O. and Mithy, when they E always try to defend this gunner guy. In particular the work of the Mithy support, when you use the Trundle and always have the correct Tape Column situations to prevent the enemy pursuit. Young couples Zven-Mithy deserve a couple lines below or for Europe at the present time.

Amazing also gradually rediscovered form stability after a period of crisis. He absolutely superior to loulex in the forest opposite, who created the premise for sOAZ or Zven pass up on very early. Especially in the third League game with his cabinet post Lee Sin, you must not lie down once would be a lot of surprises in trouble for the opposition.

Who is considered the worst game of Origen in this battle is still totally superior sOAZ compared to its Vizicsacsi. Despite having little difficulty at the start of the battle, the shift has not yet good or even Rolling the belly slide several times, he still becomes extremely healthy and is the frontline



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