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Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more – social media networks have become an integral part of many lives. Be like this maybe, there is one less important element of all these sites namely educational interaction.
Tertiary education is frightening to most school graduates; It is a life-changing decision. It is time to decide which way they want to choose, the path that will shape the decisions they make in the future. The fact that information about the possibilities that exist about tertiary education is widespread throughout the internet makes this decision even more difficult.
Imagine a platform where students have access to the institutions and businesses around them. A platform that allows students to network with like-minded people, seek educational assistance for assignments and tests, find study groups, attend e-learning classes, search for faculty and tutors, find out what’s going on around them, see and apply work there. , benefit from student deals and more! Would not it be great if this large demographic had access to information about the courses available to them, as well as the requirements needed for each course on one convenient platform?
Introducing froshfeel. By combining the educational and social elements of student life, froshfeel serves a variety of young markets. Our platform revolves around students as they travel through their tertiary educational experience. Froshfeel provides a peer-to-peer student platform where students, businesses, professionals, institutions and educators can interact with each other at the educational level in the social environment. With the introduction of blockchain technology, froshfeel declared its own decentralized currency – pacing.
Froshfeel allows users to buy and sell goods and services directly from the platform. Users can easily find businesses and institutions around those who receive frost through the discovery feature.
Froshfeel allows students to pay for institutions, educators, and business partners. Students can spend time in a variety of ways, including: student accommodation, tuition, textbooks, student flights, groceries, concert tickets, restaurants, clothing and more directly by phone with second-hand items anywhere in the world, while utilizing discounts and special allowances . FroshFeel is fully decentralized which means the funds are never held by a third party. An easy-to-use, secure and secure platform ensures users can transact comfortably while the recipient receives instant payments.
Froshfeel is revolutionizing the social and educational environment through the provision of a platform that offers comprehensive solutions for all aspects of student life.
Why FroshFeel? 
As an investor you may ask why you should choose froshfeel. There are many unique selling points that are part of the froshfeel platform, but the most prominent are listed below:
Froshfeel aims to address the lack of resources and educational assistance available to students. The froshfeel platform is an educational and social network aimed at students. We aspire to build large user databases that will be available to businesses and institutions.
The student market comprises about 1.2 billion people. The need for a single platform, which combines all the elements of tertiary educational journey for students and its environs, has become imperative. Froshfeel allows users to search for information, seek educational assistance for exams and assignments, explore all existing institutions and qualifications, view and apply them to jobs and networks with like-minded users. Users will also be able to buy and sell various products and services through the platform.
The Institute will be able to provide information on the qualifications available, contact details, location, registration process, gallery and other important information about the froshfeel platform.
Businesses will have access to our database to display and sell their products and services directly to users on the platform, anywhere in the world.
Educators will have the option to create classes, offer tutoring services, provide assistance to student users, host events and more.
Key Features of FroshFeel 
Business Directory: A list of business users will be easy to find on the froshfeel platform where users can view transactions, events, and current competition from business users.
Competition: Business users will be able to run the competition for students. Prizes will be products, coupons or goods from business directly to the user. In order for businesses to run a competition or campaign, they must make payments in froins.
Advertising: Froshfeel’s revenue sources on the platform will come through models designed specifically for advertisers to directly advertise to target markets by age, gender, demographics, keywords, institutions, and courses. The advertising model will allow business users and institutions to display their accounts in their categories. Advertisers will be able to promote their offers, events, jobs, and competitions to their desired target market. All payments for froshfeel will be made through froins, therefore keep the coins keep spinning between froshfeel, students, business, educators and institutes.
Events: education, social and more will be listed in the event features. Users will be able to view upcoming events, events by businesses or institutions.Events will be categorized so that users can filter the types of events they are looking for. Users will be able to view event dates, times, locations, pricing and instantly add events to their agenda . Registered events will be performed by users following featured users or events. Users will be able to purchase event tickets directly from the froshfeel platform using frost.
Tutor: Students will be able to search and order tutors on the froshfeel platform. Tutors will determine their fees at ‘froins per hour’ and students will pay tutors directly on the platform.
Find: Users will be able to see a map where they can see the featured locations listed on the platform where they can find businesses that accept froins and interact with this location on the map. Users will be able to see locations by category.
Job: A job portal will be provided to students. Full-time and full-time jobs will be listed by businesses and institutions.
Classified Ads: The classified ads feature allows students to post items they want to buy and sell – on the go.
Offer: Users will benefit from a deal on froshfeel and transactions will be purchased using frost. Offerings will be in different categories, such as restaurants, insurance, medical aids, vehicles, electronic equipment and others. Users will be able to view transactions around them based on location.These special deals and rates are provided by the froshfeel partnership business and are therefore exclusively for paying users in pacing.
Questions and Answers: Feature based “forum” will be given to froshfeel users who can ask questions, discuss, seek help and help other users. This feature will be used for Education, Lifestyle and Social categories.
Institutions and Programs: Froshfeel will provide features where users can see what institutions are available, what courses can be learned in each institution as well as the requirements for each course.
Class: Froshfeel will give this group to encourage group work discussions in classes, topics, events, and more.
Agenda: Users will have a personal agenda where they can add their class time tables, events they want to attend, study time, exam schedules, due dates and other social opportunities. Frozen – Froshfeel Coin. With the current crypto revolution, froshfeel introduces its own cryptocurrency called froins that can be used directly on the froshfeel platform to purchase digital goods, physical goods and services from various business partners. Token froins are standard tokens of ERC20 based on FROINS ethereum blockade can be used in the following places:
The car industry
student accommodation
Technology / Electronics
food and groceries
Kesehtan / Beauty
Sports / Fitness
internet service provider
Bookstore / Ebook
Restaurant / cafe
Travel / Leisure
Household appliances
Retailer / Clothing
Event / Concert Tickets
Service guidance
Transport Umun (train, bus, taxi)
Club / Bar
gas station
Medical assistance
Doctor / Practitioner of Medicine
Utility bill
School / High Cost
Educational Services
And many more..
ICO website:
ICO Start date: April 1 (00:00 GMT)
ICO Start date: April 1 (00:00) ICO Date Ended: 30 April (23:59 GMT)
Price per Coin: 1 USD = 1 Value
Swap Foreign Currency: 1 ETH = 1000 FROINS
Minimum Purchase Amount: 0.1 ETH / 0.01 BTC
Accepted Payment Form: ETH / BTC
Distribution of Coins 
Bounty / partners / advisors: 6% allocate
15,000 000 (fifteen million / 6%) dedicated to being distributed to the initial investor and adviser as well as reward programs.
Reserves: 10% allocated
25,000 (twenty five million / 10%) will be deposited in a reserve fund. The main purpose of the reserve fund is to provide incentives to new users to follow the froshfeel platform.
Founder: 10% allocate
25.000 000 (twenty five million / 10%) frost will be frozen for 1 year and then can be released to the founder of froshfeel.
General: 74% allocated
185,000 (one hundred eighty five million / 74%) will be publicly available. It will be available during pre-ICO and ICO. This includes ice provided as a bonus during ICO. Any ice that is not sold during this period will not be generated (burned).
special preICO – KICKICO Exclusive
Buy with KickCoins value 1 ETH = 1,500 froins – 50% bonus!
Buy with Ethereal 1 ETH = 1,250 froins – 25% bonus!
Soft Cap – 1,000 ETH
Hard Cap – 5,000 ETH
The discounted rate will be exclusive to KICKICO
Q1 – Q4 2016 – Research and development of student markets – Global analysis
Q1 – Q2 2017 – Initial research has been completed and the concept is complete. Development of detailed user interface for web and mobile apps.
Q3 – Q4 2017 – Receive the requested trust from respected educational institutions. Businesses in important categories confirm interest in froshfeel and froins.
Q1 2018 – Froshfeel for general announcements of ICO and White Paper.
Q2 2018 – Development of froshfeel platform – internal infrastructure. Begin a list of froins on the main exchange.
Q3 2018 – Development of client-based applications.
Q4 2018 – Launch launch – Marketing campaign
Q1 2019 – Launches the froshfeel platform to the public
Q2 2019 – Geographic expansion
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