GBX – the most advanced in the world

GBX – the most advanced in the world institution of tokens for the educational platform of classes and the crypto exchange

Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX)  GBX aims to be the world’s leading enterprise-level token sales platform and a shift for crypto money. As a subsidiary of the EU-organized Gibraltar Stock Exchange (GSX), this initiative is expected to offer a higher standard token sales. This will support program icons that have undergone rigorous evaluation and acceptance processes. This system, coupled with the exchange of high-quality digital assets, can be an unprecedented step for this emerging market and promotes higher standards across the industry.

GBXaims to facilitate token sales similar to existing platforms, but to facilitate them from a managed location. GBX aims to implement best practice, innovative sponsorship stability regime and diligent white listing procedures. The investor pool was cleaned up with a token market consisting of only high-quality lists and equally worthy AML / KYC. In addition, consulting, corporate banking and payment services are part of the integrated offering that GBX can offer. GBX will also provide a top-tier central encrypted concurrency exchange for high volume, liquidity and quality crypto currencies. Enterprise-grade technology, multi-sig security, 100% auditable reserve, the future of cryptocracy trade, built with insurance protection and on-the-spot capabilities. For more information you  can look at the white paper .

The timing is perfect for the GBX. I am hoping to take advantage of the Distributed Recording Technology Regulatory Framework, which went into effect on January 1, 2018 in Gibraltar. The scope of these regulations includes companies that use block chain technology, including GBX. Firms that use the Distributed Bookshelf (DLT) to hide or transmit values ​​in Gibraltar or other companies and whose activities are not regulated by other financial services will be covered.

Advantages of GBX

  1. Security:  Based on the ideals of social consensus and trust, GBX’s rigorous enrollment process strives to allow the community to thrive by protecting participants with AML / KYC, corporate governance and best practices.
  2. Transparency:  GBX-Provides transparency for all members of the Crypto community. It promotes confidence, trust, credibility and liquidity for participants. To shape a transparent and energetic future for the community.
  3. Accessibility:  An international gateway and port within GBX’s Distributed Base Technology (DLT) offers an international gateway backed by the regulatory framework of the Gibraltar Government and supporting Distributed Accounting Technology.

How does GBX work?

The role of Gibraltar as a judiciary is very important. Gibraltar is a big boost for block-chain companies. In October 2017, the Government of Gibraltar published the Legal Framework of Distributed Accounting Technology or “DLTRF” after a lengthy consultation. It is in effect as of January 1, 2018.

A non-regulatory regulatory format for companies that provide the flexibility they need to work with a new technology without complying with sound standards. The DLTRF standard recognizes some very important points that others have not understood in the past. It is not possible to organize crypto currencies themselves, but it is possible and logical to establish standards for individuals and companies acting on behalf of a third party. The creation of this framework means that the Government of Gibraltar takes precautions to help protect investors by ensuring that the companies operating in the region are legally appropriate and sufficient. For this reason, GBX is fully compatible with DLTRF. It wants to be the first exchange under the watchful eye of the Gibraltar regulator and seek permission from the regime.

The most important thing to understand is the GBX listing process. GBX creates an open listing process to ensure that the listed applicants follow the rules. First, a project should identify a Sponsor Company. Sponsored companies are organizations licensed by GBX to bring lists to the market. Applicants in the list act to ensure that they actively adhere to the letter and spirit of the rules, not to limit themselves to praising the rules.

These Sponsors will work with a project to notify a progenitor to initiate a sale of token and prepare a list in GBX and comply with the rules and to complete and submit your application. Sponsored companies also participate in a profit mechanism. They must have some of the markers they offer to the market. After participation, the sponsoring companies are responsible for ensuring that their projects fulfill their ongoing obligations, which are mostly related to information disclosure. It can be argued that sponsored firms support initiatives to open the market and their commercial reputation is in danger. All of this is designed to ensure that projects arriving at the GBX comply with higher business standards and make sincere efforts to do so.

The role of GBX’s sponsoring companies is essential to guarantee the prosperity of the market. For this reason, any company that wishes to be a GBX sponsor should demonstrate the quality of the management staff and solid experience in the block chain. One important thing to consider is the anticipation that the GBX will acquire token buyers. It is important that the sale of the GBX-published markups and the projects behind them conform to a higher standard. We are working to ensure that the products offered are of superior quality, but it is also true that the issuers and the GBX itself have some anticipation of who gets their tokens. Knowing your customer or the “KYC” and the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) procedures will be implemented in GBX. In general, in the world, we have proven that the source of resources in 2017 is not a problem,

For many projects, anonymity during ICO did not pose a problem to raise funds. Later, many of these same projects have difficulty in terms of daily operational financial relationships. Many banks will not be able to prove the source of the funds themselves and will not do business with them because many people who sell tokens are anonymous. GBX expects transparency from projects that sell tokens, as well as transparency from receivers. GBX aims to provide the best service to both parts of the market.

Ø GBX’s structure and processes are GBX Alliance and GBX Union Council. GBX expects transparency and scrutiny when participants in the market are concerned; at the same time in itself. The GBX Alliance is a membership organization consisting of leading thinkers, lawyers and professionals in the block chain industry. Members are invited to the GBX leadership to ensure that the change is best reflected in thought and practice and that the GBX offer never weakens or lags the needs of the participants. The importance of the GBX Alliance’s government and the configuration of the GBX rules is further emphasized by the selection of members of the GBX Alliance Council. The GBX Union Council will be in direct contact with GBX and will contribute to the decision-making process and the development of the ETHOS. Explains the most important points that GBX intends. The Gibraltar Stock Exchange and the GSX Group generally participate in the blockade community with various bloc initiatives.

Token Sale

  • Token seller: GBX Limited
  • Marker name: Rock Token
  • Symbol: RKT
  • Project Name: “Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange” or “GBX”
  • Public Offer: The sale will be offered at the beginning of February 2018.
  • Minimum sales target USD $ 10,000,000
  • This Token is the symbolic price for the sale. USD 0.10 = 1 RKT excluding transaction costs or expenses. Volumes can be purchased in decimal fractions of decimal places.
  • Accepted payment method: transferred to bank account specified in USD Web Site. (For pre-sales only) ETH is paid at the valid ETH price specified on the Website at the time specified and purchased by GBX, the digital name specified in the Website.

Our partners

GBX Kenetic Capital, Blockchainworx, Blockchain Lab, Block Armor, Isolas, Insilium, Krowd Mentor, King & Wood Mallesons. Please see the site for more detailed information. ( )

  • Team

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