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Bitcoin Crown is a digital commerce token that will provide game developers, creators, and game communities the required values ​​and tools supported by crypto to implement and manage virtual goods.

BTCC Coin is the first cryptocurrency with authentic purpose Online gaming is one of the most evolving and stable segments within the scope of technology, supported by loyal viewers of gamers and the deployment of mobile technology, along with the expansion of the global high-speed Internet connection. The last two factors also work towards the development of the digital economy, and in particular, the virtual currency market. The virtual currency has taken 0.1% of world global money transactions and this is very meaningful.

The purpose of Bitcoin Crown

  1. Virtual Goods in Blockchain – A decentralized platform for managing, distributing and trading virtual goods. Giving Gamers and creators a new model of virtual ownership.
  2. The first is easy to use Cryptocurrency Gaming – BTCC Coin is the first authenticated cryptocurrency for online
  3. gamers. Generate and trade virtual goods on the most popular online gaming community creation platform.
  4. SDK for the Game Industry – The BTCC Coin Platform is built for the gaming industry. SDKs for multiple languages, wallets, and payment platforms will be available and completely open-source.
  5. New play experience with ownership & real value – Online gamers can bring or trade their assets from game to game, community to community, grow their digital wallets with real value as they play.
  6. Solutions for Fraud & High Costs – For every purchase of legitimate virtual items, 75% of items are lost due to fraud. Token marked BTCC Coin will create mtrust and security with minimal transaction costs.
Mobile Game Market
With the latest release of BTCC Mobile App, featuring community, forums, wall feeds, messaging, notifications, rich content creation, and friend management, BTCC is thriving in the mobile app sector. 2.2 billion gamers worldwide are expected to generate US $ 108.9 billion in game revenue in 2017. Mobile is the most profitable segment, claiming 42% of the market. By 2020, mobile games will represent just over half of the total gaming market.
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First Target Audience
Minecraft is one of the most popular video games in the world,
with over 55 million monthly players. BTCC is in a unique position because of our large Minecraft user base. Unity Games has 770 million users in all games, and 34% of the top 1,000 free mobile games are created with Unity. This together with the presence of a strong Unity in the Indie game is why BTCC Coin will develop the Unity SDK earlier.
BTCC’s “Smart” Wallet
The key component in making everything easy to use is the BTCC Wallet. By building an existing light wallet design, the BTCC Wallet simplifies the user experience further by integrating with games and websites trusted by users. User accounts on each trusted platform will be synced to the user’s Ethereum address.
We call this “smart” wallet because some parts of the function work together to simplify the user experience:
  • The Platform API is used to associate game accounts and verified website accounts.
  • Transaction requests are sent from a trusted platform directly to the wallet.
  • Subscriptions are confirmed and maintained by each local wallet.
  • Limits on transactions and thresholds imposed by smart wallet contracts.
  • Smart Contracts are used in the background for data & are displayed in a clean UI.
  • Local rules can be set up to receive and automate the Transaction Request.
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Mobile Wallet
The BTCC wallet will also exist as a Mobile app (iOS / Android) and apply the same features mentioned above. Many users will prefer to receive transactions on their phones while playing games on their PC. Mobile wallet can be
set-up quickly by scanning the QR code that contains the settings.
The mobile app will receive Push notifications from BTCC and all trusted platforms. If the transaction request is encouraged, the mobile wallet will verify the existing funds and prompt the user to Accept or Reject the coin transaction. This will allow in-game players to easily send coin transactions using their phone as an authentication device.
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Smart Tokens & Contracts
We will implement BTCC Coin and virtual assets as ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum network.
Ethereum is the most popular and widely supported intelligent blockchain contract, with a large development community and strong language support. We believe it’s a strong future in game development and in creating a new decentralized internet.
A smart set of contracts will provide core functionality on the blockchain: The Mint, Payment Gateway Contract, Smart Wallet Contract, Subscription Contract, Custom Coin Registry, and Top List Contracts.
Token Information
  • Name: Bitcoin Crown (BTCC)
  • What is Bitcoin Crown? Bitcoin Crown is a cryptocurrency designed for lovers of online games.
  • Total Supply: 70,000,000 Token BTCC
  • Total Allocation: 50.000.000 Token BTCC
  • Hard Cap: $ 10,000,000 USD
  • Soft Cap: $ 2,500,000 USD
  • Currency: ETH
  • Smart Contract: 0xc0c05862cca68b0b4c806796a6e7d965a6f18095
Spend Allocation
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Allocation of Token BTCC
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Custom Coins as a game item
The same mechanism for printing Custom Coins can be used to represent unique game items. In this scenario, BTCC coins will be used to print one or more Custom Coins that represent game items that have value associated with them.
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We are truly dedicated to meeting our development goals ahead of schedule and providing key framework and feature support for BTCC Coin.
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