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HADA DBANK is the first Digital Bank to combine Islamic Banking Modules with Blockchain Technology to create ethical banking and a responsible ecosystem. We are currently uncomfortable with the persecution of our customers against banks and financial institutions. There are players who make money through thin air due to debts and interest. For this reason, the global economy has collapsed from time to time, as it has emerged since the 1st century. The lack of responsibility imposed by the banks is very brave. This bank is personally and anxious.

Care and Personal: This is our core value, we shape and influence our services, processes, interactions, and execute our business. These words will guide our organization internally and through our behaviors other than our customers and our community. We really want to be a bank that cares about improving people’s lives, not just making a profit. Personalization will also be the focus of our services. Different customers have different needs and require different attention and service. Customers will have to adjust DBANK HADA, because we believe everyone can wear the same pants.

We want to be a ‘fair’ organization in the financial industry. The 2007-2008 financial crisis serves as a terrific reminder of how some players are not responsible for changing the entire industry and that millions of people live financial assets. Islamic banking, because the notion of transparency, profit and loss sharing will undermine market manipulation and remove other domino conflicts altogether.

Team HADA DBANK develops a comprehensive Bank Digital Blockchain that will make life easier whatever the situation. They will be able to carry out banking activities at 0% cost, and at the same time they will be able to receive quality service from us. We were justified not only for profit, but for a better banking experience.

HADA DBANK Digital Bank will be the world’s first Blockchain to integrate Islamic banking Modules with Blockchain Technology to create ethical banking and a responsible ecosystem. Because the Bank’s existing Digital and Block Gearboxes are newly established Banks are determined to Banking Services due to the absence of such facilities. Islamic banking in 2016 is worth $ 1.5 trillion worldwide.

Islamic banks are less risky and more resilient than their counterparts because of the capital requirements and mobility of bank deposits. Unlike conventional banking, the deposits made to the Islamic Bank have the right to tell what they are doing with the money of the banks. They have a voice about where their money should be laid. Islamic banks are also trying to avoid the risks between lenders and borrowers.

There are two basic principles in Islamic banking. One of them is profit and loss department; and two, the prohibition of interest collection and payment by buyers and investors. According to Islamic law, collective interest or “Usury” is not allowed. In terms of profits, good banks and customers have already been agreed upon. In the event of all losses, the financial losses will belong to the lender. In addition, Islamic banks do not create debt without goods and services to support it (ie physical assets including machinery, equipment and inventory). For this reason, deposits, savings and investment in DBank will be supported by physical assets such as precious metals and precious stones.


HADA DBANK will focus on Southeast Asia (ASEAN) population of 644.1 million, as well as Islamic Banking services, as well as 1.4 billion Muslim population.

Interesting facts about ASEAN:

It has a budget of about 438 million inhabitants.

More than half of ASEAN’s population is under 30 years of age.

Market penetration by 854 million smartphones compared to the population is 133%, but only 53% of the ASEAN population is online, leaving room for significant expansion of Indonesia’s future markets.

As an online private bank, these facts convince ASEAN to treat it as a secondary market. Gradually in 2018 II. We plan to offer Islamic banking services in the quarter.


Free Encrypted account and e-Wallet

Savings and Withdrawals

Transfer, Money Order and Foreign Currency

Loans and investments

Real Time Payments

Bonus Points

Collect points from your purchases using e-Wallet or Bank card and change kriptocurrency / token to spend more to spend money. Use an additional discount to pay for whatever you want and save more on your purchase. You can also use the collected points to change anything you want in e-Mall partners or physical sales outlets anywhere in the world.

Your Referrals Bonus or Award when you sign up with the Referral Code.


HADA DBANK, using the personal block chain stored on each node in the network. By default, all nodes are checked by HADA DBANK. Some nodes only record a copy of the block chain and do not participate in the validation process (compromise protocol). This node can act as a gateway node or as a backup server. A node that functions as a validator can be found in the network segment that is secure from the bank and accessible from the gateway node.

The main base database is implemented in the building block chain where each block is a series of transactons. Each new block defines the state of the new kernel according to the conditions of the previous block. Basic database integrity, block chain, and compromise are provided. Each block is already linked to a cipher block. This feature allows you to verify a database and transactons history at any time in the future. The main database stores all the data that passes through the point.


We want to increase the capital for the development of HADA DBANK through HADACOIN. Buyers will be able to use HADACoin to perform a banking transaction or daily activity. Customers will be provided with a debit card that allows them to trade with HADACOIN on banking or other merchants’ platrums across the world.


HADACOINs price before ICO

Nearly 500 million HADACOINs will be given. 295 million coins will be sold. 295 million coins, 20 million private investors and lenders. In the near future we will release 27 million of the 50 million pieces of money when the ICO is exercising the Pre-exercise-ICO and the remaining 225 million coins are released. 10 million dollars will be allocated to the campaign gift.

Target financing before ICO

Soft Container = 5,000 ETH

Hard Cap = 20,000 ETH

Hadakoin budget

35%: PAO ICO will be allocated for capital, research and development.

30% of Operational Expenses: for.

20%: for capital expenditures.

30%: HADA to hide the DBANK.

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