HDXCHANGE Eliminates Complexity Through Various Agencies And Exchanges


HDXCHANGE is a cryptocurrency exchange that has come up with innovative solutions and offers never seen or heard. We have a profit-sharing priority to a level no other exchange has ever made. Our bonus and offer schemes will provide life-time benefits for our investors. All of our ICO investors will get 40% of future foreign revenues and we provide Peer-to-Peer transaction architecture that brings commissions fees to 0%. In addition, we have five different cryptocurrencies for you to choose from which are Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin. We strongly believe that we can expand ourselves only when the people we deal with grow. We have made sure that our scheme multiply the profitability between the investor and the token manifold holder. We are excited to announce the launch of our ICO which is scheduled to go in five different phases, from 2018 April 20 to May 30 2018. Here are the benefits that we will be handing out to investors and token holders.

About HDX


Find a better way in Crypto Currency

HDX will be one of the major cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Our goal is to provide maximum benefit to our customers by making our exchange flexible in terms of negotiating criptomonedas and distributing share of earnings between owners. We offer Bitcoin partnerly purchases and sales through any payment method. We also offer 40% of the exchange of earnings shares to our ICO investors. The most exclusive offer we offer is a reference commission such as Bitcoin with instant withdrawal facility.

We bring HDX and we are very confident that its value will reach the cloud in the near future. We are very jealous to inform you that our ICO will soon be launched. With some unique and innovative features of our exchange we hope to reach more customers and expand our operations. Our motto is eliminating complexity through multiple agencies and exchanges, making HDX an integral platform for cryptocurrency merchants and enthusiasts. We intend to facilitate operations by cutting off all middlemen and charging a 0% commission. Now forget about dealing with different exchanges and take the opportunity to be part of revolutionary and revolutionary gateways to the marketplace.


There are four major problems in the cryptocurrency alien space that HDX solves. This is:

  • The template is inadequate or does not match the background or infrastructure
  • Poor security
  • Foreign arbitrary parameters
  • Liquid market conditions
  • Subpar customer service
  • Lack of internationalization
  • Excessive transaction costs


  • Commission rates are zero percent

Another trend to be set is a 0% commercial commission. Previously, operators had to pay an impractical trading commission to buy and sell encrypted coins in most exchanges. HDX has reduced this commission to Zero and has made transactions free of charge to customers. Now you do not have to worry about additional amounts other than purchases and selling prices, and you can continue to operate in the uncomplicated environment provided by HDX.

  • Point-to-point transactions

One of the key features is that we enable buyers and sellers to quote rates on our website and buy and sell directly without any third party interference. We have included Bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, Cash Bitcoin and Ripple on our platforms, users can participate in buying and selling these currencies Fiat currency via various online payment methods from any country.

  • Exchange income exchange

Probably the most profitable deal we offer. We will share 40% of future foreign exchange earnings specifically for ICO investors based on their HDX shares. This is done solely to increase our ICO investor confidence, we want to ensure that investors who contribute with the benefits of HDX currency in the future.

  • Commission BTC for instant reference

This is the most innovative step taken by HDX in ICO history. Currently, all ICOs use their own Crypto currency when they are sent to others. HDX has put an end to this ongoing system and provides Bitcoin, as they are the most commonly used and accepted Cryptocurrency. We offer Bitcoin instead of our own Crypto when referring to others and also provide 8% of total Bitcoin spent on HDX purchases. Even if you spend Ethereum, you can change it to Bitcoin level and get the same amount of commission. And this reference commission can be withdrawn at any time.


ICO will be done

  • from April 20 to May 30, 2018
  • Maximum amount of ICO 10 500 000 HDX
  • The total number of tokens is 60 million HDX
  • Maximum amount of ICO 33 million HDX
  • Hardcap 23 million dollars
  • All unsold tokens will be burned

ICO program and benefit allocation

  • Presale, 3 million, 40%, 0.30 USD, 7 Days
  • First Round, 5 Million, 30%, 0,50 USD, 7 Days
  • Round 2, 7 Million, 20%, 0.70 USD, 7 Days
  • Third Round, 8 Million, 10%, 0.90 USD, 7 Days
  • Fourth Round, 10 Million, 0%, 1.0 USD, 7 Days

Register Exchange

ICX HDX purchases will close on May 30, 2018, after which tokens will be able to transfer their tokens. The HDX Effect is listed on June 26, 2018, as it seems to be a long time and does not want investors to sustain their hard-earned money, we also register Cryptopia exchange since June 10, 2018, after this date you may transfer your token. And if you’re in no hurry to transfer tokens, you can wait until June 26, 2018 for an HDX exchange to start.

Starts June 26, 2018
Starts sharing exchange benefits (40%) from August 2018


  • HAFLY CLEM: Chief Executive Officer
  • JACK RUX: Chief Technology Officer
  • NODA MAX: Blockchain developer
  • STEFF JOHN: Advisory developer software
  • ESKENDER: System Administrator and Backend developer
  • ELIX LOYE: Business analyst
  • RICOTTA JOSHVA: Blockchain expert
  • MARTIN ERIC UI / UX: front end design specialist

To Get More Information And Join The Current HDXCHANGE Project, Please Visit Some of The Next Links / Sites:

Website: https://hdxchange.io/

Whitepaper: https://hdxchange.io/#whitepapers

Twitter: https://twitter.com/hdxchange

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hdx-xchange-678302161/

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/hdxchange/

Medium: https://medium.com/@hdxchanges

Telegram: https://t.me/hdxchange

HDX ICO Calendar: https://www.listico.io/ico-calendar/hdx-pre-ico-phases

HDX Pre-ICO: https://www.ico-map.io/ico/hdx-pre-ico-phases

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