How Long Does the Flu Last: Types, Symptoms

How Long Does the Flu Last: Learn the Types, Symptoms, and Treatments for Flu

Flu is very easy to affect people in various cases. However, it can be pretty hard to differ flu from cold. In fact, those two diseases are two different things. Cold refers to illness of a milder respiratory. Cold can make you feel uneasy and bed for some certain period; days to week. On the other hand, flu is more severe than cold. It can result some serious health problems like pneumonia. People with flu tend to have a ill feel during days to week. To find out how long does the flu last, it can be started by learning the symptoms of flu first.

How Long Does the Flu Last

How Long Does the Flu Last

Flu symptoms

By learning the flu symptoms, we can find out how long does the flu last and be aware of it. Flu symptoms come quickly in severe rate. It is heavier than cold. The symptoms include fever, headache, soreness, cough, congestion, muscle aches and sore throat. Commonly it improves gradually within two to five days. However, flu symptoms can be the signs of more severe diseases like pneumonia or heart and lung problems if it last more than a week.

Soon as you get affected by flu, you will get the symptoms. You will take 7 days after you get the symptoms to spread the virus. It can live inside the mucus and sipt up to 24 hours before starting the symptoms. In other words, it takes a full day for you to, coincidentally; spread the flu to the others. It takes more time for kids to spread it. They still can spread the flu in the second week of illness. It can determine how long does the flu last.

Types of flu

Flu, commonly, is caused by virus of influenza. This virus is divided into three different types; types a, b and c. The type a and b can trigger a large seasonal outbreaks. It can be avoided by some certain flu vaccine. On the other hand, the type c, which triggers symptoms of milder respiratory, cannot be prevented. The immunization for this type of influenza virus is not available. Furthermore, human can only be affected by influenza type b. Meanwhile, influenza type a can be found in various animals like seals, whales, pigs, chicken, ducks, and horses. Each type of flu will determine how long does the flu last.

How flu is spread

How long does the flu last is also determined by the way it is spread. Flu is often considered as a highly contagious illness. It will easily spread as you have any contact with the stuff the other coughs up or sneeze. It can go inside your body as you breathe it in. Kissing can be also a means to spread flu. The other means are some objects like television remote, telephones, computer, doorknobs or silver ware. As you use your nose, mouth and eyes with your hands that have contacted those means, it becomes the way of virus to enter your body.

Winter also becomes period of flu where people often get affected by flu. It is because of some factors. The indoor air, which is less humid than the outdoor air, is the perfect place where the virus can live longer. As the virus is living longer and much available in the air, it will be much easier to breathe it in. The virus also can be easier to land on the mouth, nose or eyes. Meanwhile, as people spend less time outdoor and more time indoor, people can get closer to those who may get affected. So, the virus gets more way to spread. Those are factors that related with how long does the flu last.

Treatment for flu

Eventhough flu time period seems long and terrible; you can do some treatment to make it away soon and naturally. Blowing your nose very often can reduce the mucus out of your body. It is much better that sniffling it back into your head. Use your finger to press over a nostril and blow the mucus gently. After blowing the nose, wash your hands directly. It can reduce the time of how long does the flu last.

The other way to reduce how long does the flu last is taking a rest. It also helps your body to recover and collect the energy back. You can also gargle to moisten the sore throat you may have on your flu period. It offers you a temporary relief. Dissolve a teaspoon of salt into the warm water. Do it four times. Thick gargle from a mixture of apple cider vinegar and honey will also help.

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