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About the European Crypto Bank (ECB)

The European Crypto Bank commonly abbreviated as ECB is a private bank controlled by blockchain who wants to build the first banking ecosystem that can facilitate the trading of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin. The Bank has established a common market in which traders can trade FIAT and crypto and facilitate tax issues and advice to traders on common blockchain platforms. The bank has its headquarters in London but wants to expand to other cities like Milan where they can set up a laboratory research center and tax department center in Paris.
The notion of Cryptocurrencies is relatively new, Market time represented by Crypto is limited to a small community of people, who have a particular interest in this technology. The Number of Cryptococcal Relevant Services offered at this time in the Market is rather widespread and evolution continues. For Beginner Users, navigating along with diversity as it is quite difficult, when determining the means of having a high quality comes from low, clear how it works, and how to use the opportunity presented at Market Cryptocurrency.
All of the above mentioned matters, we believe that this can be the biggest challenge for the development of Cryptocurrency Business The main problem, to achieve mass adhesion, is trust in the Crypto Market.
People want to invest in a safe and confident market, recommended and respond to their financial and fiscal situation.

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Crypto Bank Europa  is a banking and trading platform for Cryptos and FIAT offering tax breaks on blockchain, cryptos / token analysis and Wealth Management French, Italian and British specialists have set up multi-disciplinary teams to create a European private bank. The assets and assets of bankers, tax experts, computer scientists, mathematicians and Blockchain engineers have partnered to facilitate access to the crypto market in the arena of as many people as possible with Wealth Management and Wealth Optimization.
The idea of ​​Cryptocurrencies is relatively new, while the Market represented by Crypto is limited to a small community of people, who have a particular interest in this technology. The Number of Related Services Cryptococcus offered temporarily in the Market is rather widespread and evolution continues. For Beginner Users, navigating with such diversity is quite difficult, such as choosing high quality services coming from low, understanding how it works, and how to use the opportunities that Cryptocurrency Market provides.
All of the above mentioned matters, we believe that this could be the biggest challenge for the development of the Cryptocurrency Business The main problem, in order to reach mass adhesion, is confidence in the Crypto Market.
People crave investing in a safe and confident market, are advised and responding to their financial atmosphere and fiscal location.
Present as a Solution
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  • Provide Financial and Cryptographic Analysis and we are determined to provide an additional level of quality that is very reliable in Tax Reporting and Tax Advisors for the Trade and Use of Crypto
  • Protect them in front of Tax risks: we provide reports and instructions tailored to the criteria of legislation in each European country: initiated by France, Italy, England, Germany
  • Get a good market assumption value: Crypto and Token understand the volatility that had not happened at the beginning and must include bets, strengths and weaknesses of this instrument to optimize its investment.
  • with artificial intelligence derived from the development of Robots Advisors and system automation for availability and traceability 24 / 24H and 7 / 7J.
  • An ecosystem generated by a specific Token (ECB Token) that is highly likely to achieve discretionary reporting, financial assumptions, and European tax expert directions.


Benefits from the European Crypto Bank against Crypto trading
The decision to establish more than one branch can accelerate the ecosystem making effort of one of the most efficient processes in the industry. French, Italian and English scholars can carry out comprehensive crypto and proof of thought to provide additional complete and complete reports regarding the management of prospective investors’ trades and wealth. The Company has united a group of experts from tax specialists, asset bankers, mathematicians, computer scientists and block engineers who are committed to working together easily and adequately with corporate objects. Individuals can receive special level guidance regarding wealth management and optimization.
ECB Innovation
The founder of the ECB sees the big case faced by prospective crypto investors who have coins but no knowledge of how to turn crypto into assets and wealth through trade. The banking system is now hostile along with the ecological environment, and they find the need to handle the case along with establishing a safe trading exchange platform developed with integrated blockchain technology along with their KYC and AML software.
This system will facilitate easy access to Blockchain and Cryptos products and facilities to potential investors who want to be part of this industry. This system will be easy to use and also a one-stop solution where you can run various means like accessing information, trading, trading on a single and secure platform. Individuals do not need the skills and knowledge to access the ecosystem due to its simplicity. Developers confirm that the following process does not conflict with state law and avoid money laundering. With the help of robot advisers, the ECB means to reach many investors and also give additional advice to beginners.
Sales of ICO ECB tokens
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Banks want to supplement income with various steps to fund this big project. One of them is the opening of ICO which is estimated to run between 1 to 16 February in the same month. The token holder must have an account at the bank where they are able to disclose legitimate information about the trading prospects. It is also a shareholder where they are able to get the crypto market and create assets and add to their wealth.
Sales Token 
• Sales volume token: 5,000,000 to 200,000 000 Euro
• Token Sales Volume during ICO: 7 936 507 to 345 414 463
• Total emission volume: 15 873 014 to 677 283 261
• Geography Sold: All words if United States
• Price of token sold: EUR 0.63
Distribution Token: Crowndsale member 51%
• Company 24%
• Team 23%
• Bounty 2%
Pre-ICO Date: February 1, 2018-15 February 2018
For the interested community, participation in the bounty program is possible prior to the commencement of ICO.
ICO start: February 16, 2018, participants will receive a rebate:
• The first period of discount (February 16 to March 9, 2018) 15%, so 37 348 273 tokens in the unit of 0.5355 euros.
• The second period (March 10 – March 31, 2018) a 10% discount, so 35 273 369 tokens in a unit of 0.567 euros.
• The third period (April 1 to April 22, 2018) a 5% discount, so 33 416 876 tokens in the unit of 0.5985 euros.
• The fourth period (April 23 to May 1), without discount, so 190 476 190 tokens in 0.63 euros units.
Limit purchase amounts during ICO:
• The minimum volume purchase is 20 tokens. There is no maximum number.
Token 4 May 2018 release date
Token Distribution
Volume of Tokens allocated to the Company, its members and Bounty advisors and programs: 49% will be distributed as follows:
• 2% for gift program participants (to be available after the end of ICO) (311 239 to 13 545 665 tokens)
• 23% for the team
• 24% for the company (tokens will be used for research and development (3 734 864 to 162 547 983 tokens)
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