IIOT platform of the main communication technologies

IIoT Telecom was one of the first companies to connect IIoT with Blockchain. The company’s strategy is simple and ambitious: it includes all major cities with LoRaWAN-based wireless network technology (transport messaging for what is wireless to the Internet), and the application of special software – the decentralization of the platform to the industry Blockchain-based Internet (IIoT platform in Blockchain), NirkabelLoRaWAN access will be the main access technology for IIoT platform, but not the only one; access is possible from existing technology – Wi-Fi, Internet, cable connection etc.
With IIOTEL technology, all accesses are easy to do with a single controlled platform supported by chain blocks, connection clients

  • IIOTEL mission

Create an innovative international company, whose technology
and information solutions will improve the existing
business processes and people’s daily lives through
the results of Internet implementation. Its purpose is to make it easier for customers to serve and provide quick and practical services.

The IIoT Telecommunication Company not only beautifies Internet applications and industry platforms, but also thanks to its token plan to implement LoRaWAN networks around the world and provide Internet Industry Things in any country where the Internet and where there is no limit in the encrypted circulation
One of the advantages of using IIoT is

Efficient production is not possible with separate sensor capital:
The assets of the Internet sector in IIoT Telecom’s Blockchain allow gathering all the information and optimizing every production process.


  • IIOTEL destination

Objective The goal of IIoT Telecom Company is to get profit through
the Internet service industry is important in the global market. Including not less
than 0.0022% of the global Internet market share.


With this opportunity, we support you to expand this Platform for a Greater Community leader. We will release a token with the name “Token I2”, along with its data.

  • Pre-ICO: 19 February 2018.
  • ICO: March 19, 2018.


  • Currency I2 = 0.1 $. During ICO for each cryptocurrency or Fiat, the price will be recalculated at the current exchange rate against USD. The price of the token on the UCO will depend on the BTC / ETH volume.


  • the first ten days – 30%
  • second ten days – 20% bonus
  • The third ten-day period – 10% bonus
  • 10% discount for purchases from $ 900 to $ 3000
  • 20% discount for purchases from $ 0001 to $ 9999


Road map IIoT Telecom



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