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What is Invoicing Financing?
Invoice financing describes the purchase invoice process from the seller. Traditionally, financiers agree to advance money to the seller against each invoice. Buyers who buy seller products should then pay direct invoices to the financiers.
How does Invox Finance platform solve the problem?
The Invox Finance platform is a transparent invoice system that will build trust between all parties (buyers, sellers, investors and service providers). Instead of execution of a transaction depending on a centralized third-party service provider, the distributed ledger will ensure the transaction is clear and secure information.
How is Invox Finance different from Populous?
Currently, Invox Finance has only one other competitor in blockchain space. We offer a unique dynamic invoice model and a fragmented loan system, ensuring the best experience for sellers, investors and buyers. Although both projects have recently been established, our team has been working in the invoice financing sector since 2012 and has managed to fund small businesses for more than 30 million dollars.
A more detailed comparison of the two projects can be found on page 16 of our whitepaper.
Invox Tokens
Your key to the platform.
Tokens with real-world use cases made on the Ethereal network.
Join the platform as a seller using Invox Tokens to pay your membership to the Trusted Members Program.
Get a gift in Invox Tokens whenever you verify or pay for an invoice.
Initial Coin Offering
Become an early adopter.
Take part in the ICO to pre-buy your membership to the platform.
Your only chance to buy tokens at a discount is during the ICO.
Run during the ICO, we will create a bonus system to reward the community.
We will announce the maximum amount of Invox Tokens being minted at the start of the Presale.
Smart Contracts
Open source smart contracts can be viewed on both our Github and on the Ethereum blockchain.
Track every giant leap.
Stage 1
Invest A $ 500,000 in cash as capital
Create an initial community
Develop the whitepaper
Prepare to conduct the ICO
Define the system framework
Engineer the Dynamic Invoice Smart Contract
Stage 2
Develop the MVP
Conduct the ICO
Stage 3
Complete the MVP
Start user testing to guarantee the release of a quality product.
Meet the Invox Finance Team
The experts bringing you invoice lending on the blockchain.
Our Advisors
Super experienced. Always one step ahead.
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