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iShook is an electronic book that will be the place where all social media (facebook, Twitter, yahoo, instagram, etc.) become one. iShook is a decentralized platform with Blockchain technology. Blockhain technology itself has become a popular commodity in the world economy, because of its ability is able to remove an imbalance between hosting with content providers. Blockhain is also able to manage a financially and secretly.

The goal of iShook itself is to connect content creators and viewers by utilizing Blockchain technology. As well as ensuring the diverse content can get to all users smoothly. With iShook, there is no limit for publishers and booksellers to work and share it with millions of users of this app. Ishook is a home, a refuge for inspirational content creators.

we can see and see, how the development of social media is very message. Millions of likes, posts or various videos are shared in just seconds. The users can not or are difficult to connect with the authors who create the content, and this is where iShook will play a role to embody it between writers and readers.

iShook itself has sought to improve a privileged network to facilitate and configure a digital hosting for existing content. as well as improving the distribution network in social media so that between writers and readers better connected and closer.

The advantages and advantages of iShook are
1. For users or readers will get better access in search of the content they want
2. For Notes makers who want to share their desired records will be given better access directly to the authors or creators and even users who others.
3. For Creators / Authors looking for a single network or a privileged network they will gain access to write, publish, organize or even market their own content.

Ishook is different and differentiates itself with some of the existing start ups, that’s the specialty of iShook itself, using Blockchain’s thousands of books already in Ishook. Ishook community has also grown with the author and users whose numbers increase every day. iShook itself is not only accessible via the web, but iShook provides an application that makes it easier for everyone to access it. for now the app for iphone already exists. app on android will be launched soon.

How to register is very easy, just visit the official website of iShook that is   after registering the user is asked to fill things commonly done in other social media such as complete the data, add photo profiles and others. Users can also use the book books that they want to read into the library menu that has been provided. every time a user shares a reading or note they have a list that will be useful when it will distribute their content. users can also choose to be authors, it is useful to make them not just users. they can distribute the content they write to service providers / publishers and have a platform for their own work.

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