JoyToken: quality solutions for the gaming industry

JoyToken: quality solutions for the gaming industry

JoyToken-The development and creation of game projects can seem very complicated and too long. In particular, if the income is too small, investors are not interested in the proposal, and regulators set too high requirements.

Major game developers bypass these difficulties with ease. They have several development teams, their own lawyers, as well as connections in the right circles, which help to extract the necessary investments and solve complex complicated issues more quickly.

Independent teams face limited access to the market, problems and obstacles. Even if they have a spectacular product, really interested in the audience, it’s easier to sell the idea of ​​a large company than to promote the idea yourself.

In addition, some online casinos due to lack of funds are forced to deceive users and customers. They use substandard algorithms aimed at making profit.


Many business models working on traditional schemes can not reach all potential players. They do not offer quality solutions for young people, who can not fully realize their gaming experience. They want to achieve complete financial anonymity, to gain recognition in the gaming area, and to use a transparent, true distribution system.

Solution of the system

The developers of the project Joy Token deliver much more advanced and quality games for players of any level. They provide an opportunity for even young teams of developers to provide their vision of game processes. Especially for this they developed an innovative mechanism and quality tools.

JoyToken solves the problem in 4 steps:

  • The creators have developed all the conditions for high-quality gaming integration and the development of hosting of all kinds of projects.
  • Payments are sent immediately to the bank accounts of developers. No hidden commissions, extra cost or high price. The block-system allows us to use to establish rather strict, but effective regulatory requirements for the quality of products.
  • Instant access to the market. Users will be able to get it through the online casino site, which provides a team of developers to users. The casino was licensed in the UK, Malta and Curacao.
  • Qualitative testing. If you are not sure about your project and the quality of its functioning, then you can test the system before release, and do not spend a lot of money on it.

Ensuring the quality of work

How will the creators fulfill their promises and solve their problems? Using a crypto currency called JoyToken. With its help, developers can pay for the use of tools, as well as provided hosting. If the project uses blocking, it allows it to be transparent, honest and inexpensive.


Potential players will be given full transparency and anonymity. All this becomes possible with the help of blockade technology.

System advantages

  • Legality. PlayCosmo is its own online casino of developers, which is registered in the UK, Malta and Curacao. There are no problems with licensing projects and putting systems on a large market.
  • A large number of games. On the platform, players will be able to find a huge assortment of various games.
  • Unique features. Independent developers can fully demonstrate their capabilities and realize a unique concept.
  • Testing. Teams creating game projects can immediately test their product on real clients. Thus, they will quickly respond to market changes and customer feedback.
  • Integration of the blockade. Developers should worry only about the creation of the game: advertising, promotion and the acquisition of new customers – this is the responsibility of the creators of the system.
  • Access to unique features. Joy Gaming is engaged in gaming marketing and brings projects to the market. Finally, the dream of all independent teams is fulfilled: they get equal opportunities with the giants of the industry.
  • Transparency and quality of rewards. With the help of a smart contract, you can not only check the game, but also immediately get a reward for using it. All payments are made in JoyToken’ah.

Road map


  • October 2017. Development of the project concept, creation of a platform, cooperation with advisers.
  • December 2017. Integration of smart contracts, launch of the gaming platform.
  • February 2018. Carrying out the crowdsdale.
  • March 2018. Audit of the held token.
  • August 2018. Inclusion of new gaming projects in the system, the integration of new platforms.

Development team

  • Andrew McDonald. CEO.
  • Mike Lace. SMO.
  • Steve Imball, STO.
  • Nathan Lokkett. Specialist in creating a gaming system.
  • Adam Spargo. Marketing specialist.
  • Grzegorz Dymek. Head of the site development team.


The result

You can buy tokens by transferring some amount of the crypto currency to the address indicated on the project website. In addition, you can get an additional fee for participating in the bounty company.

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