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KickCity  is a social networking and marketing platform driven by a prize-based protocol incentive called a KICK token. It works like Facebook because you can create your own profile, your own event, and your own group. What distinguishes KickCity is that users can get a KICK token as a reward by participating in 2 areas:
  1. Hosting and Promotion Events
  2. Building Networks Through Community Groups
  3. Event Hosting

    Let’s say Stacy is an Event Organizer for the upcoming band and decides to take advantage of the KickCity platform. Stacy first needs to create an event page at where she can do ticket sales and advertise the event. There are two specific ways KickCity users can get KICK through this event:
    1. Users are rewarded with KICK as they help promote the event. They can do so by inviting other KickCity users to the event or using a unique promo url to invite people outside the platform.
    2. People who buy KICKS tickets are also appreciated. This is an additional incentive to buy their platforms compared to Ticketmaster.
    Where did KICK come from?
    When Rachel first launches this event, she has to fund her own KICK pool. He has 3 ways to do it:
    1. Buy KICK tokens from your own exchange.
    2. Set aside a small percentage of the ticket sales to buy KICK automatically.
    3. Crowdfund event.
  4. But why use kickCity?

    1. Marketing through the Cost-Per-Click model is not very effective with low conversion rates. KICK tokens act as an incentive for promoters and KickCity members to actively carry out marketing for you.
    2. The average credit card processing fee is about 1.90% plus $ 0.10 per transaction. It can easily cut profits with every transaction. KickCity gets rid of middlemen and offers direct tickets to buyers through smart contracts. They can do this with Fiat, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Waves, and KICK on their platforms.

    Community Groups

    On the KickCity platform, you can create groups, chats, and communities. All of these have the option of being open or personal. However, to join a private group you must first be invited and also pay a fee with KICK set by the Group Creator. It is important to note that 2% of these costs will go directly back to the KICK reserves to facilitate KickCity growth.
    The idea behind this buy-in model is to create a value based community built on trust. When you buy a group, you buy special group knowledge, network, and reputation. In other words, you buy the value that the community has created.
    For some perspective, this buy-in format is actually   a growing business model  among the Medium publications such as   The Writing Cooperative   that offers users access to their slack channels by paying $ 2 a month.
  5. What is KickCity End Game?

    KickCity’s long vision is threefold:
    1. To dominate the event-hosting market with KICK as a universal token on all platforms of the event.
    2. Be the platform of choice for quick, efficient, and inexpensive crowd funding.
    3. Being a value-based social network specifically for the cryptocurrency community. The reason is because KickCity developers strongly believe that blockchain-based communities will be the future for social trust interaction.
  6. So what next?

    KickCity is still a growing product and is scheduled to pass through ICO in Q4 of 2017. However, this is lighter than other ICOs because it has proof of concept that is profitable to offer to its investors. For example,   has hosted over 2,000 events (free & paid) with over 350,000 participants. This product is also available in Houston (USA), Moscow, Saint Petersburg (Russia), Helsinki (Finland) and will be launched in Paris (France) and Dubai (UAE) soon.
    You can join their personal ICO by registering on   their   site . You can also download their whitepaper   .

     Summary of  Token Launch 

    1. Target: USD 12,5 Juta;
    2. Launch date: October 2017 (the exact date of TBA)
    3. Tokens launch time-frames: 30 days
    4. USD 1.00 = 10 KICK;
    5. Special conditions to donate more than 1000 ETH (please   email   directly)
    6. Discounts and prizes will be announced closer to the ICO date.
    7. 160 million smart tokens will be available to many people
    8. They will receive: Bitcoin, Ethereal, Litecoin and Waves.
  7. Post-ICO Budget Allocation

    * 1 Billion KICK will be created. 500,000,000 will be reserved for future fundraising opportunities. 1.600.000 will be distributed in the initial ICO.
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