What is Koios? 

The Koios project builds AI’s development, market and AI ecosystem that will connect AI developers with everyday consumers. It provides a beginner’s medium for expert consumers to purchase sophisticated and reliable AI content in a simple and easy-to-implement way.

In the latest technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technology has long been the
region’s only largest company worldwide. Due to inherent complexity and significant AI & ML costs
Technology paradigm shift has not been commoditized for general consumption.
The elevator field to Koios is very simple; delivering highly distributed planetary product ecosystems to accelerate AI development.

The team at Koios believe in a product that exhibits the following characteristics:

  •  Intuitive
  • Scalable
  • Reliable
  • Efficient

The main principle of designing any system is no different regardless of product implementation, demographic goals and use cases to be met.
Koios has a lot of experience in teams when it comes to building highly scalable, tough and useful products.


Business leaders around the world are looking for ways to improve their processes using Artificial Intelligence; As a result, global expenditures for AI technology are growing at an exponential rate. The global CAGR for Artificial Intelligence is estimated at 50.51% with worldwide expenditure estimates for Cognitive and Artificial Intelligence Systems to Reach $ 57.6 Billion by 2021.

“AI Lab” is an AI development platform that provides developers with access to the free tool libraries, algorithms and data sets created and managed by the Koios Team. AI Lab will provide building blocks to not only accelerate AI development but also allow developers to spread their creations to fully guided Machine Learning Machines exposed through APIs for public or private consumption.

“Titan Protocol” allows users with Koios desktop and mobile applications to participate in AI development by “hiring” their CPU power to the Koios Platform. Known as “Fog Computing” everyday users can get tokens at Koios by:

  • Doing ML Model Training & Data Tagging Tasks
  • Perform AI Validation Tasks
  • Submitting Data to AI Laboratory


The “Neural Net” component of the Koios Platform is a simple intuitive market that contains the AI ​​and ML content libraries. All content submitted by the developer will undergo a technical review by the Koios Team to ensure it complies with industry standards and works before advertised in the market. Developer may submit the following:
  • AI Construction
  • Algorithm Learning Machine
  • Pre-Coach Machine Learning Model
  • Structured and unstructured data
How does KOIOS work?


AI Developers & Learning Machines will find homes in the Koios Platform unparalleled in sophistication and ease of use.
To accelerate the process of developing and building our community, we provide a comprehensive set of tools, algorithms and data sets as building blocks.
Decentralize – PROTOCOL TITAN
The Titan protocol will initially be responsible for two aspects of the Koios Platform.
  • Enable daily users to anonymously participate in AI development by combining global edge devices that provide CPU resources to Koios.
  • Allows distribution and decentralization of AI & ML content.


A decentralized market driven by the AI ​​developer community.
All content is validated by Koios Team to ensure it complies with applicable industry standards and performance as designed.
Validated content is then available for purchase on the market by consumers.
How do I contribute?
The Koios Utility Token (KOI) will be used to ignite all aspects of the ecosystem. The once-a-generation token incident has occurred, creating a limited number of 1,000,000,000 Token KOI.
Koios has allocated a limited number of tokens to interested parties to help the Koios token before making a public sale. Early adopters will be able to guarantee public sales dependent on
purchased Personal Token purchase tokens purchases are limited to the first 50 participants.
Koios has allocated 400,000,000 tokens for general sale Utility General Sales Token will start on April 23 and end on May 7
Token Koios will be listed in some General Stock at the end of Sale Token.
Koios will receive Ethereum Contribution in exchange for Toki Koios Utility. Full details of exchange rate and rate will be shared with interested parties registering on Koios site or contacting us through our Telegram channel To exchange etereum for Koios tokens, you need Etereum Wallet which does not have a Public Exchange. For full details on how to contribute to our project – see our website section for the How-To guide.
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