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What is the Kora Network?

The Kora Network is a platform that provides financial services to people, merchants, organizations and other financial materials in an easy, cheap, fast and pro-table with the ability to reach users around the world. This network is based on blockchain technology that has four layers:

  • This Layer Protocol specifies the basis of what network users must adhere to.
  • This Layer Data is where the database blockchain in the form of authentication identity, transactions, account balances, token contracts, and software and stored in a smart contract
  • This
    Layer application is a place of transaction processing, data feeding, blockchain monitoring and integration with an outside system that is a transition between software and blockchain
  • Access
Layers how users access the network either through the site, smart phone or other.
This network builds on the Ethermint that applies the Ethereum virtual machine with the Tendermint consensus. This is helpful to support the Ethereum developer community which is one of the largest in the block room by fulfilling the following requirements:
  • Scalability means that it can process bank-scale transaction volumes with reasonable intervals
  • Programmmability means having the ability to build programs
  • Resilience, meaning it must continue to function in the Byzantine environment *
  • Decentralization, ie the network can be run in a decentralized way
  • This network will be secured with a fashionable version of Dose (Delegate Proof of Stake).

Kora Network Mechanism

This network is not a licensed financial institution so that users who wish to contribute must be licensed financial service providers or mobile money operators and responsible for compliance with applicable provisions. With decentralized Kora network will maximize value for all participants more equitably.

Kora Network Token

Token used in this network is called KNT. This KNT Token will be used as a battle mechanism to select block manufacturers, as well as a means of payment within Kora’s network. The use of the KNT currency is also a currency that bridges between efita currency and other decentralized currencies.
In general cryptocurrency cryptographically stores a number of values ​​maintained through a decentralized network. Compared to the current currency, crypto currency has advantages such as:

  • Crypto currency is protected from counterfeiting against physical charges due to keys that encrypt and decrypt information on the network
  • Crypto currency is published and distributed in a peer-to-peer manner and can not be controlled by any party.
    There are three types in crypto currency, among them:
  • Currency
    In this case the crypto currency is used only as a digital currency, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Monero. The use of this currency is similar to the use of currency in general, as a store of value and the medium of exchange. These currencies maintain and grow their value through the ability to fulfill functions safely and without centralized controls
  • Token utility
    Represents crypto that has a usage on the network beyond its monetary value. Users can also redeem products or services with the token value. There are several different types of tokens:
    – Token usage, this token provides access to a network’s digital services eg Ether
    – Job Token, this token allows token holders to contribute to work on decentralized networks eg Augur
    – Hybrid Token Reputation , this is a combination of usage token and work token.
  • Crypto assets
This type is a redeemable token for basic assets such as, Tether (USDT) which can be redeemed by USD or Digix Gold Tokens (DGX) that gold can redeem.

Details of Token Sales

  • Token Sale Schedule March 18, 2018
  • Purchase of Ethereum Token
  • Price Token –
  • Bonus –
  • Total Supply Token 755,007,338 KNT

KORA team


  • Dickson Nsofor – CEO & Co-Founder
  • Maomao Hu – COO & Co-Founder
  • Eugene Fine – CTO
  • Zahen Khan – Head of Marketing
  • By Ostroverkh – Project Manager
  • Lauren Harrington – Blockchain Researcher
  • Bryan Uyanwune – Business Development Lead
  • Roman Katsala – Lead Developer
  • Victoria Mygalko – Product Lead
  • Vladimir Mitso – Blockchain Developer
  • Faisal Khan – Leading Banking & Payments Consultant
  • John Edge – Chairman, ID2020
  • Nako Mbelle – CEO, Fintech Recruiters
  • AA Atayero – Wireless Network Researcher, Covenant University

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Bounty Link: https://bountyhive.io/join/Kora%20Network

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